Something special, this way comes! Tonight…6 PM SLT…TwinGhost LIVE via live webcast!

Oh, yes, we have a surprise in store tonight…something delicious and completely spur-of-the-moment (well, spur-of-the-day), and when we were asked to host this event, we jumped right in with both feet!

Ce soir (tonight), TwinGhost pops round to Ce Soir for a set that will fill the hall with an easy groove – and more. He’ll be in-world with us and live-webcasting at Jams at Joe’s – at the very same time! It’s going to be lots of fun, to say the least!

TG‘s music has such soul. It is rich and deep, with a distinctive 70s feel and one-of-a-kind sound. His originals top the charts with audiences across the grid, and it’s no surprise that his audience keeps growing – in SL, on the web, and in RL. He just keeps evolving, his music as alive as he is. In fact, TwinGhost has started a campaign for a new CD! Help him out tonight at Ce Soir by coming to hear him and donate with $L tips and encouraging applause – or by dropping some USD into the coffers online at

Sweet and mellow meet moving and thought-provoking when TwinGhost plays and sings. The mix is compelling…undeniably compelling. Do not miss TwinGhost tonight at Ce Soir, for soulful rock and pop brilliance await you!

TwinGhost Ronas

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