We will miss you, Circe…

After learning of the passing of dear Circe Broom, I – like so many of us – have experienced many moments of both smiles and tears in remembering her. Aeon and I did not know Circe well, but we used to dance regularly at Sunset Jazz on Sunday nights. We did that for more than a year and we truly enjoyed every moment in that grand hall, music filling our ears and our hearts. Warm welcomes and brief, sometimes truly hilarious but always charming and sweet, chats with Circe made those nights extra-special for me.

Who among us does not have memories from the wonderful Sunset Jazz? All the big name artists have played there, especially those with a talent for really cool jazz and danceable romantic music. We enjoyed the likes of SOAR, Trowser Boa, Keeba Tammas, and many others under that golden roof, and every evening was always a delight. When we learned more about all that Circe had done in bringing live music to SecondLife, we were in awe of her accomplishments. Most of you reading this already know more than we about Circe’s astounding contributions to the artistic community and, indeed, to everyone who has – or ever will – come into SecondLife. Her creative sharing was that expansive, that rich and deep, going well beyond live music to include, well, pretty much everything about SecondLife. Design and building; music, art, and poetry; business management; well, you name it, it’s got a Circe Broom imprint on it, somewhere.

I am stunned by how deeply Circe’s passing is impacting me emotionally. As owners of a music and arts venue ourselves now, I guess we thought she’d always be there. We knew Circe was ill but she’d come round to Ce Soir to catch a Russell Eponym reading, see his artwork or that of other artists in the gallery, and she always had a gracious hello in response to our greeting when we happened to be around. Yes, I guess we thought she’d always be there…and in a way, she always will.

Sunset Jazz has been under new management for awhile, but Circe’s spirit is very evident there, as it should be. Circe’s Sanctuary for poetry and art has only grown in recent months under her wise direction. Circe’s Circle of Sound  continues to serve people with information and access to The Stream Team’s excellent work…and the list goes on and on.

Thank you, Circe. We will miss you.

2 thoughts on “We will miss you, Circe…

  1. Hi there Mireille. This is a very lovely picture of the Circe I also knew. Thank you, Circe. Hugs

  2. Thank you, M. Bright! Always a pleasure to hear from you, and at this time it is especially dear of you to leave a note. We know that Circe enriched your life in SL and beyond, as she has done for so many. We also know that you have done the same for her, and for all of us who know you. Merci bien, mon ami.

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