A Celebration of Life: Ce Soir Artist-in-Residence Ultraviolet Alter “sings the body electric…”

-:¦:- Ce Soir Artist-in-Residence ULTRAVIOLET ALTER: A Celebration of Life -:¦:-

Since we first encountered the inventive and beautiful art and music of Ultraviolet Alter, Aeon and I wanted to have her in at Ce Soir with both her music and artwork. She has brought her music to us before in a stunning performance that truly placed itself in the upper echelons of our fondest memories from Ce Soir, and now, she is bringing her striking and beautiful sculpture and particle art our way. The formal opening will be 15 December at 3 PM SLT (with music by Ultraviolet), but the works are present now for your enjoyment. You must come see.

Found in the gallery and throughout the gardens of Ce Soir, Ultraviolet‘s works are expressions of human figural art and emotion; they are sheer pleasure to view and evocative of thought and feeling. I am easy with them, feeling welcome in their presence – and challenged, invigorated by them. I feel a sense of “sheltering” with them, a warm feeling that is encompassing and freeing at the same time. Their creation is testament to the facility with which Ultraviolet builds from artistic vision, and there is a sleek elegance to them as well as a rich tonality. Each one is unique, a statement of balance and beauty which is clearly seen in “Balance is Transference,” depicted below.

Balance is Transferenceby Ultraviolet Alter
Balance is Transference
by Ultraviolet Alter

The expression of these pieces by Ultraviolet captures the elemental forces held within the delicate yet powerful structure of the body, both in motion and stasis. Colour and elegant texturing reveal her profound connection to the energy she portrays in these works. Light rests upon the figures as many seem to be cut as bijoux fins (fine gems) with impeccably-shaded texturing, and yet it also emanates from within them as they rest or move alone or in small groupings. You must come see this exposition of the simplicity and complexity that meet in the exquisite harmony of life. Come to Ce Soir and enjoy these works as you wander through the gardens. Spend some time reveling in their presence and allowing them to speak to you, or just enjoy their beauty as you pass. Whatever you do, do not miss this opportunity to see these beautiful pieces from Ultraviolet‘s private collection. Share your thoughts and reflections in the Guest Book you will find in the gallery, if you like, or contact me any time; your comments are of great interest to us at Ce Soir. Merci !

Ce Soir Arts Gallery SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/208/223/1002

NOTE: The title of this post includes an echo from the wonderful poetry of American poet Walt Whitman; the poem I Sing the Body Electric is from his beloved collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass, first published in 1855.

In addition: Second Life is a trademark or registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Ce Soir Arts is not formally affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research, and no infringement of their rights is intended.

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