Karima Hoisan brings her moving poetry to Ce Soir

Karima Hoisan, one of the most prolific and talented writers in SL (or anywhere) returned to share her work with us at Ce Soir after a time away. We missed Karima, but knew she would return when the time was right, and return she did.

This reading was – as are all of Karima‘s readings – precious. A holiday spirit permeated the place, but we knew this was more. The moments passed and brought us together under the umbrella of Karima’s striking and tender work. Art with words and pictures (pieces of art Karima chooses as inspiration or illustration for her works) filled our gathering with beauty. Her voice rich and full carried every mote of meaning in her words, well-chosen and lyrical. Each of us was touched in a special way by this reading, and we all left with our spirits full of something light and wonderful, even though the topics of Karima‘s poems were not all happy. Indeed, her work is very deep and true, vibrating in our souls as the wavelengths of her voice fill the space in which we gather.

Karima reads at Ce SoirDecember 2012
Karima reads at Ce Soir
December 2012

Thank you, Karima, for your lovely work and graceful presence. We shall await our next meeting with joy!

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