Saturday brings art and music to Ce Soir: Ultraviolet Alter exhibit opens…

As her beautiful sculpture and particle art exhibit formally opens, Ultraviolet Alter graces Ce Soir with her transcendent music. This innovative and captivating blend of electronica is sheer art. Clear musical tones and dancing rhythms invite your senses to explore the atmosphere created by Ultraviolet’s original live compositions – and her visual art. Come join us on the journey and see what you will discover in this ethereal groove. Land at the Ce Soir Arts Theatre to see what the lovely and gifted Ultraviolet has created for our enjoyment. It’s pretty fantastic, so come round at 3 PM SLT to catch this provocative and soothing groove amidst some of the best particle and sculptural art anywhere.

flower 4Ultraviolet Alter
flower 4
Ultraviolet Alter

See you here:

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