Somber moments impart meaning as the new year beckons…

‘Tis the season…and so, we take a moment to wish you the happiest of holidays! We hope you will find yourselves wrapped in joy and grace, sharing happy hours with those you love. And while Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Christ is the main event for many across the world, there are other holidays happening as well or are recently past for those of various faiths, and we all welcome 2013 as the shared calendar makes its turn from the old to ring in the new. A festive occasion indeed – and also a serious and important one, to be sure.

Everyone knows of the tragic events that took place last week in the lovely community of Newtown, CT in the US. How sad these immense losses are for those most directly affected including the families and friends of the perpetrator and his mother, and of course those precious children and their teachers whose lives were taken in acts of violence that we may never come fully to understand. Our minds are shaken as confusion and disbelief give way to stark realisation and the pain of such trauma. Our hearts are filled with sadness and love for these who have lost so much, and we wonder how it could be that such a terrible thing could happen to such sweet and innocent ones and to those adults who were so kindly and gently teaching and caring for them. While we may come to know more about this particular event and how it may have unfolded, for most of us questions will remain – eternal questions that can only be answered in the deepest part of spirit.

One truth that we all must face, daily, is that time marches on. We pause or change direction when something of this magnitude takes place in our lives, for whether with central or peripheral impact, it has meaning. I believe that the meaning must take the stage – front and center – so that we can learn and make needed corrections in our course as individuals and groups. It is our earnest prayer that those course corrections will include not only a new conversation about weaponry and its access in America (or anywhere) but also action to do all we can to prevent such tragedy. What that may mean to each of you reading this, I do not know. But I do know this: no matter what present belief we hold about such things (or anything) that belief bears evaluation. No, not just intellectual evaluation (although that is key), but scrutiny at every level.

May we take this holiday season to reflect on these important matters and to do what is more important still: to cherish every moment, to show our love freely with those who are so dear to us, to prove charity best begin at home and then spread its wings of love across the land to grace many with unending hope. Be still. Be kind. Be generous of heart and mind. Be well and happy and true to the very best in your heart, always.

Below, a photo of Ce Soir Arts and one of our home space at Ce Soir. Both are our refuge and joy. The home space will soon be changed to rolling hills awash with spring. We shall enjoy the work of changing it – and of bringing more poetry, art, theatre, and music to share at Ce Soir Arts in the new year. Grace and peace…

Ce Soir Arts Christmas
Ce Soir Arts Christmas
Happy Holidays!
Ce Soir at Christmastime

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