MoShang Zhao delivers the chill at Ce Soir…

MoShang ZhaoDelivers the CHILL...
MoShang Zhao
Delivers the CHILL…

There is a lot of great music in SL, and music of every genre and description. Many of the musicians playing in SL are quite talented and have something unique and special to offer an audience. That is something we truly enjoy at Ce Soir Arts: the unique sounds of various musicians. Many are recogniseable almost immediately, once you’ve gotten to know their music a bit. That is certainly true with CHILLmaster, MoShang Zhao. This sound jeweler reflects in his music a collection of tones of life gathered from the streets of Taiwan and an undeniable groove that just IS MoShang.

This prolific musician offers original chillout music at its best – impeccable composition, finely layered arrangement, and deft production techniques. Drawing inspiration from seemingly everywhere, MoShang weaves into his music threads of sound that surprise and delight the listener. Each strain tumbles over the next…and the next…in a glorious mix of sonic joy that is both soothing and invigorating. Ancient Asian rhythms blend seamlessly with ultramodern electronic tones as MoShang brings them together very smoothly in this mellow but energetic downbeat electronica.

MoShang knows his instruments and equipment for both playing and recording, and that becomes evident quite quickly, if you’re looking for it, and his music is available for download including free versions on his website at Take a little trip over there, for there is a great treasure of information about MoShang and his music there including at the moment a sweet photo of his young son in the studio. Whether young Louis will follow in his father’s footsteps musically we cannot know, but one thing is for certain: he has quite a heritage of sound.

Come enjoy the music and warm, informative banter of the inimitable MoShang Zhao every Thursday night (8 PM SLT) at Ce Soir. He delivers the CHILL

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