TwinGhost drops in tonight for music and a record-making update…

TwinGhost RonasThe outstanding TwinGhost Ronas will drop in at Ce Soir tonight for his regular show at 9 PM (he does that, every-other-Sunday). We’ll hear some of those excellent TG tunes – originals with their own unique blend of flavours and covers that surprise with that TwinGhost touch – and enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by the great folks who often gather to hear the magic. We’ll dance, sing along and generally have a great time chatting and enjoying the music. We’ll also get an update on TwinGhost‘s progress with his Indiegogo campaign and the making of a new CD. Excitement is in the air, for we are truly anticipating the release of this new record – and with TG, it is a record, not a CD (although it will, no doubt, be available as a CD). His style is all about the sounds of the 70s, when vinyl was king, despite the rising popularity of 8-track and other tapes. We just weren’t at the CD stage yet, and it’s so much fun to look back and hear those rich original tones – and tunes.

This is part of what makes TwinGhost‘s music so appealing – it truly harkens back to that simpler time, as TG says, “before music as product.” How true that is, and how right as rain that his new record is in the works! This cool groove needs to be heard by the world, for it provides just the dose of fresh perspective the world could use.

How can we make sure this happens? Easy! Attend a TwinGhost concert in-world and donate to the cause with $L; he’s made the same perks available for $L donations as those posted at Indiegogo for donations in USD or other RL currency. How cool is that?! So…come on over tonight at Ce Soir and look for TG elsewhere on the grid in coming days and weeks; check your pockets for loose $L and pop it in the coffer he’ll have available on stage. You can also go over to the Indiegogo site for TwinGhost’s project ( and offer what you can to the effort. It would be great if you could donate a great big wad of cash…but most of us can’t do that, which is why projects like these exist so that we can give what we can and join in the fun of helping (in this case) TwinGhost make a record! You’ll own a piece of music history in the process.

Come round to Ce Soir at 9 PM tonight to groove out to these tunes that are so compelling. We’ll be happy to see you!

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