Happy Holidays from us at Ce Soir!

It’s Christmas! What a beautiful time to think of those we love and to share sweet greetings of joy and peace with everyone…

Christmas is a holiday of remembrance and of great spiritual meaning to many. Christians around the world celebrate the coming of Christ, the little child born in Bethlehem who came to be the savior of all. Whatever your personal belief, this is a story of love and hope, even though it has been commercialised and marketed around the globe. Still, it is a festival of joy, for even Père Noël (or whatever he is called in your nationality – Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Vader Kersfees, Pai Natal…) is a spirit of happiness and sharing; he is a spirit of family.

We who populate the virtual world of Second Life are sort of a ragtag family, don’t you think? We come from every corner of the world to share a space that we create… Ah! I am getting ahead of myself and starting to wish you a thoughtful new year! *giggles* So, let me stop here to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS…and go back to enjoying our RL celebration. This house is filled with laughter and shining faces today, and we’re talking and dancing and eating (way too much, but it is soooo good!), and pausing now and again to say, “I love you!” to family and friends we don’t get to visit often enough in this busy world.

Tonight – as last night – we’ll gather round the fire and look out on what we hope might be a little flurry of snow. Ah, yes! We can dream of a White Christmas yet! So, wherever you are, our wish for you is this: a Christmas of hope! Hope for whatever you need, hope for tomorrow. And yes, hope for the new year just beginning to dawn on the horizon. For now, enjoy the day. Joyeux Noël !

Happy Holidays! 1212 a

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