The holiday celebrations continue!

The holiday season is a great time of year to rest and share laughter, good food, and friends. We did just that yesterday at Ce Soir

We’re preparing for the BIG FIRST ANNIVERSARY coming up next month (just days away now), and Mireille has created a special spot in Ce Soir just for it! As it turns out, this new space (The Conservatory at Ce Soir which is presently blanketed in beautiful holiday snow) will very likely be used for many things as time goes on – and I can’t wait to see just what! (Everything is always a surprise with Mireille, you know!)

Anyway, yesterday at 1 PM SLT the very happenin’ AMFORTE flew in and got us going with some really sweet melodies. Wow, AMFORTE! That was a gorgeous set! She had us swaying in time to the music – both some simply awesome covers like Adele‘s “Someone Like You” (the BEST we’ve ever heard that song done, other than by Adele herself!) and several of her own compositions (we have some faves like “I Miss You”). It was a great hour and we had a nice crowd (40+) who came round to enjoy. We saw some friends, some familiar faces – and some new folks too. Always fun when AMFORTE is in the house!

Then, it was Russell Eponym‘s turn at the microphone. Always a hit, Russell‘s set was downright brilliant! He’s on a junket to Australia for the holidays, so he was using his “streaming equipment – lite,” and we could tell he was in a different location by the sound quality, but you and I both know that NOTHING stands in the way of Russell delivering the goods! He had a bit of rezzing trouble too, what with his being on a foreign laptop in a foreign country. I won’t say much more about that (chuckle!), but everyone who was there knows just what I mean. ‘Nuff said – about that! HOWEVER…the show was just superb, as Russell brought his lively sense of humour along with his guitar! “Folk, blues, and beyond…” went above and beyond the call, and a great time was had by all!

Of course, we closed our Thursday night with the one-and-only MoShang Zhao delivering the very smooth downtempo CHILL at Ce Soir. As 2012 winds up, he’s putting the finishing touches on a new collection of tunes; Suncake Lounge, Vol. 2 will soon be ready. Mireille and I often work to the sounds of the original Suncake Lounge (guess this new project makes it Suncake Lounge, Vol. 1), and we look forward to adding this edition to our collection. We gathered and grooved until closing time last night, and enjoyed every note. There’s just nothing like winding down the day with MoShang! Come catch him, every Thursday night at 8 PM SLT. We’ve got a groove going, and you’re welcome to join us! Check his very cool website at and see what’s chillin’! As Mo always says, “Until we meet again – safe travels around the metaverse!”

It’s holiday time still, at our house in RL, and I’m the “breakfast guy,” so I have to get crackin’ (eggs – and my usual snappy repartée). But I’ll leave you with another little “sneak peek” at Mireille‘s new locale (see our holiday greeting post for a little more). As the new year gets closer and closer, get out that pen and paper, my friends. May your resolutions – whatever they may be – bring you much happiness in 2013!

See ya soon!

The Conservatory at Ce SoirWinter Wonderland!
The Conservatory at Ce Soir
Winter wonderland!

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