Hard hat area below! M at work…

I knew Mireille was up to something. She always is, so that’s pretty much a no-brainer, as they say. We had discussed changing our home environment to, perhaps, some rolling hills, and a new home with a bit of Provence as inspiration. Well, even with all that is happening in SL and RL at the moment, she’s begun her work on this project. I’d come into the office and see the computer up, SL humming along – and M nowhere to be found. She’d be off having fun with our RL guests, chatting with a friend on the deck (chilly as it might be out there!), or off doing something, somewhere. But then…there she’d be – back in-world and flitting about the sim as only she can. Once, I came in and she was exploring the work of a new artist with one of her friends; another time, she was terraforming and was so intent she didn’t even hear me come into the room.

There’s a lot to be done when you reconfigure a sim. In Mireille‘s case, there is almost always a LOT to take up and either delete or return to Inventory. Now, here’s something we all need to remember about Mireille: she can thrive in a chaotic environment, but she is very (very!) organized about it. I spied in and saw all sorts of new-to-me folder categories – some that made, well, little sense, actually. But that doesn’t matter; as long as it makes sense to her (and she will sort-of explain it to me), we’re good. Oh, trust me. We’re good. Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford thinks about all he will learn…and smiles…

I went in-world, just a bit ago, and this is what I found: a very flat base sim with some nicely detailed edges. I’m not exactly sure of the plan, but overall, I get it. Long stretches of Mediterranean beachfront at sunset, a nice river meandering through hills of grapes and lavender, and a view of some mountains in the background. Sounds good ta me!

Lonely planet? Not for long!
Lonely planet? Not for long!

Look for a post soon about the big First Anniversary Celebration at Ce Soir that starts on 05 January with a retrospective of the visual artists who have shared their work at Ce Soir this past year (with more to come from poets, actors, and musicians too) as we look back and ahead at the same time. It will be up at The Conservatory at Ce Soir and it seems we now need a teleportation system to get people to where they wish to go in the venue space (er, spaces!). Look for that to pop up soon – somewhere, such as at the main venue landing point. It will be as easy as we can make it, I assure you – and it will have an appearance that is fitting for the place. Maybe a lightstone? A dark floral arbor? A medieval statue? Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Hard hat area below! M at work…

  1. I feel proud, and honored, to have both of you as my friends.
    Both of you mean a lot to me.

  2. Thank you, Douglas! That brings a big smile to us!
    Mireille and I are “under the weather” and are taking a few days off at Ce Soir, but we’ll see you soon. Take care!

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