Our First Anniversary!


TODAY – 05 January 2013!

From 2 – 4 PM SLT, the outstanding AMFORTE and the delightful SAINTESS LARNIA will kick-off our first event of the anniversary series as we take a look back and a look ahead for Ce Soir Arts. We begin with art from the visual artists who exhibited with us in 2012. Each has something unique and wonderful to share, so do come enjoy!
The ARTISTS we celebrate this month are: Loquacia Loon, Owen Landar, Roy Mildor, Lorac Farella, Relay Caedmon, Russell Eponym, Nessuno Myoo and Ultraviolet Alter. Look for much more about them here soon!

We’ll see you at the new The Conservatory at Ce Soir:
Join us in this by-the-seasons natural environment at The Conservatory at Ce Soir to enjoy art and music you will not forget!

PS: There is a new teleportation system at Ce Soir Arts – do try it!
AND we thank each of you for your kindness and warmth when you visit Ce Soir. Your presence here means so much and we hope you will enjoy the venue space for a long time to come. You are welcome here!
ALSO, we offer a big THANK YOU to the creator of our new building, Musette Demonia. We saw it at her Muse Majestic Homes shoppe and HAD to have it! Well, done, we say!

More soon…!

Art Retrospective at The Conservatory at Ce Soir
Art Retrospective at The Conservatory at Ce Soir

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