Art to enjoy as we take a little time out…

Please feel free to drop by Ce Soir Arts this week. In the main venue area there are lots of beautiful things to see including the stunning sculptural and particle art of the inventive artist Ultraviolet Alter that you will find throughout the main venue space at Ce Soir – gallery, theatre, and gardens. Her work is deeply expressive of the human form, with an ethereal quality that draws you in as you allow yourself to BE in its presence; each piece seems to hold a reflective pool of life…

Do pop up to The Conservatory at Ce Soir as well, and enjoy a collection from the eight gifted visual artists who exhibited in Ce Soir over 2012. This celebration will be present at The Consevatory throughout January. Catch the teleport at the main venue landing point and go up to enjoy this wintry location for its beauty, lovely music for dancing and relaxing, and glorious art by the following artists:

Loquacia Loon: lovely photographic art with a haunting mystical quality

Owen Landar: brilliant photography with a world of vision to explore

Roy Mildor: moody photographs that inspire

Lorac Farella: stunning hand-drawn art with impeccable form and grace

Relay Caedmon: electric photos with a surprising edge

Russell Eponym: glorious watercolors that capture the spirit of nature

Nessuno Myoo: richly textured sculptural enchantments that evoke thought & emotion

Ultraviolet Alter: deft sculptural & particle art that moves with grace & meaning

"the universe is my mother" by Ultraviolet Alter

“the universe is my mother” – a striking piece by Ultraviolet Alter at The Conservatory

The Unicorn by Nessuno Myoo

Nessuno Myoo‘s The Unicorn sculpture out in the snow behind The Conservatory

This one has found a permanent home, but you can have one too…

I have so much more to say about each of these artists and their work – and Mireille is overflowing with commentary. Each one is special to us as an artist and person, and we are so pleased to be sharing a bit of their work again at Ce Soir Arts as we celebrate our first anniversary. However, we’re both pretty seriously under the weather, and we’ve finally given in to the cold/flu/monster THING we’ve been fighting for a week. So, we’re taking the week off from shows at Ce Soir – but your access to these wonderful pieces of art – and the entire venue space (er…spaces) and all it/they has/have to offer is always open. Do enjoy!

Come…be inspired…tonight!

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