Catching the flu…clue…and amazing shows at our return!

Aeon and I have been sick with the flu – or some such thing that is doing a dandy job of impersonating the flu. We took ten full days out, only popping in at Ce Soir to check on things now and again. Needless to say, we canceled all our shows for music and poetry for the duration, only having our wonderful exhibits of beautiful art open – around-the-clock, as always. Artist-in-Residence Ultraviolet Alter‘s beautiful sculptural and particle art dots the landscape at the main venue space, and (see blog post, below for photos) a very special piece (“the universe is my mother”) rests at The Conservatory at Ce Soir, our snowy little refuge above. Gracing The Conservatory along with Ultraviolet‘s special piece, we are pleased to share a sampling of works by each of the eight wonderful artists who exhibited with Ce Soir in our first year: Loquacia Loon, Owen Landar, Roy Mildor, Lorac Farella, Relay Caedmon, Russell Eponym, Nessuno Myoo,  and Ultraviolet Alter.

Nessuno Myoo‘s magical “The Unicorn” has found a home in the snow behind the building. I tell you, when I go there, I can see his mane lifting in the cold breeze and see the steamy breath surround his head in the bitter bite of the icy environment; I stand there, chilled to the bone and completely enchanted; it’s thrilling!

Musical Powerhouse Donn Devore
Musical Powerhouse        DONN DEVORE

We took a chance and stepped back in last night and had a simply STUNNING show with three of the most talented and exciting musical artists around. It was as if we had won the lottery, or something! The exciting Donn Devore kick-started us with a completely amazing set, beginning with some of his newer music on the piano. His work over the past year has taken us by storm – after admiring his musical energies since we came into SL in 2009. In fact, Donn (then known as the blue-haired rocker, Edward Kyomoon) was the very first live concert ever for us. We. Were. Wowed. And we were hooked into the SL music scene from that moment on…

Who knew we would ever host musicians (not to mention poets, visual artists, actors, and other creatives) on our own land? We certainly didn’t. In fact, it all came as rather a nice surprise to us, one day in November 2010. Ah, yes. I remember it well… That’s a magical tale for another time, mes amis. I am still resting up from the triple-header triumph last night! Donn did himself (and mother Foxxie) proud with a varied and energetic show that brought the house down! People were really diggin’ it – from Pink Floyd to more of his own music, Donn had us in the palm of his hand. Really, he is quite a showman. That easy banter is a kick, and he kept us grinning and having a great time throughout. I swear, if I had more energy right now, I’d write a whole post on that one hour! I will do that – and soon. Look for a post ALL ABOUT DONN – perhaps after his next show at Ce Soir (in about two weeks from now, if you’re wondering).

For now, let me continue with the tale of hier soir at Ce Soir, shall we? It was one of those nights when EVERY musician playing was in his (or her) own groove – I mean, up-to-the-top in the groove. Donn may have eaten some yogurt before the show, but that didn’t stop him from bringing his A-game to the stage. (NOW I can giggle – and everyone who was there will know why!) But….

Samm PinkNext up was the lovely Samm Qendra, who stepped to the stage and took command. It was a sweet and gentle command, but – let there be no doubt – when Samm is on stage, all eyes and ears are trained on her. For good reason! She’s lovely, she’s sweet – and she’s got a voice that fills the hall with beauty. It was glorious! We had a grand audience – and we were thrilled to meet some of Samm‘s family members. How lovely that they came to be with her! They seemed to really enjoy the hour with us all, and it was a great show. Samm astounds with her vocal range, and last night she gave us Celtic Woman as well as some of the very best in Broadway. Her rendition of Memory from Cats is perfection – and when she sings that old beauty The Tennessee Waltz, I can’t help but cry.

Samm has a way of inflecting each syllable that brings power and grace to each song she sings. It’s as if she draws the emotion from the song, cherishes it, and then translates it to the listener clearly and smoothly in notes sweet and true. She has been coming in at Ce Soir for several months now, and – like all true artists – she has grown and taken new directions. Her repertoire expands, seemingly with every show, but you can tell she’s taken time with each song, getting to know it and infusing it with her own special touch. The result is lovely indeed. Come round to see (and hear!) her – at Ce Soir or at any of the other fine venues she frequents. You will be ever-so-glad you did!

Rounding out the night – and what a night! – was none other than music legend, Tukso Okey. We always look forward to hearing Tukso, who lands just at the right spot at the right moment…and who always brings something new and fresh in sound for us to enjoy. It’s a journey with Tukso…and we never know just where we might go, but we’re certain to have a great time! His sound is, well, delicious, and the term “ear candy” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to music by Tukso Okey… mhmmm.

Tukso Okey
The Mesmerising Tukso

I don’t know how he does it, but he does it – and he does it well. Every. Single. Time. New sounds emanate from that man like drops of rain – sometimes, they come gently and one-at-a-time; other times, it’s a torrent that whips you round and pelts you with hard-driving guitar, drums, flute, and whatever else Tukso has in his musical arsenal. He’s one who creates his music in the moment, and he lets the music take him where it will. That is so very cool – and the best part is that we get to go with him! Echoes of the “WOW!”s and “MERCY!”s from last night’s chat resonate, right along with those incredible guitar riffs and that spine-tingling flute music that wrapped us up and trundled us off to our own personal nirvanas. Really. That’s what it’s like. If you’ve not heard Tukso yet (where have you BEEN?!?!?), you simply must. His creative genius will be with us again in about two weeks, so do plan on dropping by. Oh. And he’s all over the grid in the meantime, so get busy! Find him. GO!

OK, friends, time for tea and a little nap for me, but it felt so good to come in and post today. I’ll be back soon (although Aeon has a post or two up his sleeve first). Today, the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM plays at the main venue at Ce Soir at 2 PM SLT. We can’t wait to hear that velvety voice and visit with Russell and the very fun and fabulous Eponymous Family that gathers. And then later (8 PM SLT), MoShang Zhao will be in with the entrancing Chinese Chill. We’re sure to be ready for both of these outstanding shows, so do come over and enjoy with us!

We’ll be taking it slow over the weekend, but don’t forget to come round and enjoy the art and gardens that always await you at Ce Soir! Try out the new teleportation system that will take you pretty much anywhere you’d like to go including The Conservatory. It’s at the landing point and above, and we hope you will enjoy it. Come…be inspired…tonight!

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