A great week for art and music at Ce Soir Arts – come join us!

As you who visit this blog regularly will know, Aeon and I had the FLU. Yes, it was the big, bad, HORRIBLE flu! We have been sick, really, for about three weeks – and we’re just really coming out of it now. We’re still tired and have a bit of cough, so please be gentle with us this coming week, but do come see us when you can. We’ve got some great art and music to share – with poetry and theatre on the horizon!

We have two days of shows at The Conservatory at Ce Soir as part of our First Anniversary celebration. On Tuesday 22 January, the lovely Loreen Aldrin will join us for a thrilling hour of song. She can whisper a love song so sweet and belt out the blues with style, showing off her talent in multiple languages. Loreen excels on guitar and piano, accompanying herself as she sings to provide a rich and captivating performance. Come along – and invite your friends!

Following Loreen, the dynamic Gina Stella steps to the stage. This beloved musician brings her angelic but powerful voice and delightful guitar accompaniment in at 6 PM SLT. Gina loves requests and her repertoire can handle them all – and she’ll even learn a new song if it is requested. Versatile and with an infectious giggle, Gina knows how to entertain. Come on up to The Conservatory at Ce Soir to enjoy!

Then on Wednesday, 23 January, we have two more shows at The Conservatory. Join us at 7 PM SLT for the special spice of AMFORTE. She brings a powerful voice with a punk-rock flair that cannot be denied. A formally trained musician, AMFORTE is simply fab on stage and everybody enjoys an hour with her. Laughter and FUN are the order of the day, so come on over!

Next up on Wednesday is the beautiful, sweetly-voiced Therese Nightfire. It is a joy to have her in at The Conservatory at Ce Soir, her commanding and sensitive vocals filling the hall with music that will capture your heart. She relishes audience requests and will delight you, every time, whether it is a dreamy love song or a bout of the blues. Don’t miss this!

Come enjoy the wonderful musicians and a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind art from each of the eight artists who exhibited with us in 2012. To join us, either land at the main venue landing point and take the teleport there to The Conservatory at Ce Soir. Alternatively, grab this breeze and we’ll see you there!


Loquacia Loonlovely photographic art with a haunting mystical quality

Owen Landarbrilliant photography with a world of vision to explore

Roy Mildormoody photographs that inspire

Lorac Farellastunning hand-drawn art with impeccable form and grace

Relay Caedmonelectric photos with a surprising edge

Russell Eponymglorious watercolors that capture the spirit of nature

Nessuno Myoorichly textured sculptural enchantments that evoke thought & emotion

Ultraviolet Alterdeft sculptural & particle art that moves with grace & meaning

Stunning sculptural and particle art from the inventive artist Ultraviolet Alter also graces the main venue space at Ce Soir Arts – gallery, theatre, and gardens. Her work is deeply expressive of the human form, with an ethereal quality that draws you in as you allow yourself to BE in its presence; each piece seems to hold a reflective pool of life…

MORE MUSIC is headed your way on THURSDAY: Lisa Brune (1 PM SLT), Russell Eponym (2 PM SLT) and MoShang Zhao (8 PM SLT) will entertain us in style! More on these three soon!

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