Russell Eponym returns from winter holiday to The Magic Tree with Poetry & Music – today at Noon SLT

Today marks the return of poetry and music with our dear friend, Russell Eponym, following a holiday vacation. Russell‘s winter travels took him “down under” to Australia, making his usual reading time inconvenient. He has returned to Wales now, and we shall welcome him home  to The Magic Tree in Ce Soir, as well!

Russell‘s readings are always special, as he brings his extensive background in literature and the arts to everything he does. His velvety singing voice is also rich and expressive in poetry and prose; he can turn a phrase better than most anyone we know! Inflection and the subtleties of dialect enrich his readings. Russell can take on a poem’s characters with ease and fill the air with accents and a bit of theatre, when needed; the comic and the dramatic are part of his varied repertoire. Indeed, we can laugh uproariously with Russell – or shed a sombre tear, depending on the mood.

Come take a literary journey with us today, Noon SLT. Drop by The Magic Tree and settle in for an hour of charm and enjoyment you won’t soon forget. Take the teleporter at the main landing point, or stroll over to The Magic Tree. Alternatively, catch this breeze and come along!

Poet Russell Eponym
Poet Russell Eponym

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