UPDATE! Problems with “Search” functions in-world…

Attention Everyone!

UPDATE: It seems our troubles with in-world Search are over! The Jira has worked its magic as developers did – well, whatever it was they did – and in-world Search is back. To say we are relieved would be a grand understatement, and we wish to thank those who took it on and worked it out. We received much support and encouragement from other venue owners who were also affected (particularly, Kiran Sporg and Andi Karsin from The Boom Pony – who really helped by getting the Jira going in the first place). This proves, once more, that the vast majority of those in the live music community are that indeed – a community. For this, we feel most grateful! Now, on we go! (See original post, below, for more information.)

ORIGINAL POST: For over a week now, we – and some other venue owners and others – have been experiencing difficulties with in-world Search. We post events successfully in our accounts at the SL website, but they do not list on the in-world Search. We first noticed it when a friend reported to us that they were not finding our events; we check, routinely, but since we had the flu, we were on low-alert. On checking though, sure enough, there were no events shown for Ce Soir – despite the fact that we had events posted for three days that week – and on the weekend ahead.

I immediately went to Support and had a Live Chat about this issue. At the time, there was some “unscheduled maintenance” underway, and it was hoped that the conclusion of that would fix the problem. However, that was not the case, and so I continued to pursue it, keeping my case open. We tried everything – to no avail – and then we started hearing from fellow venue owners about their troubles. A Jira was filed, and my case was listed with it. I had filed a Jira too, but it was removed because another beat me to it so mine was a “duplicate.” Even so, we continue to monitor this situation, but – so far, at least for us – our events are not posting to in-world Search.

This is a concern, as some musicians are worried that their concerts will be lowly attended. Indeed, we had one the other evening that started out pretty slowly. But, with our assistant Mimi and me both posting notices with a variety of related groups (between us, we notice via more than 65 groups) – and the musician’s representatives also posting notices around the grid and focusing on the musician’s own group – we soon had a houseful. In fact, at that particular show, we hit over 50 avis – and welcomed even more with our next show.

Still, this is not a good situaiton. We feel confident that LL is working on this issue via the Jira and continuing Support cases. We all need the in-world Search as a means of reaching people with information about our events and special occasions. Keep watching to see how – and when – this gets resolved; you can bet we’re on it!

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