Anniversary Art Retrospective – open through 15 February at The Conservatory at Ce Soir

We celebrated one year of Ce Soir this past January. What a year it has been! These halls have resonated with some of the very best music ever offered in SL, and we count ourselves blessed indeed to host such stellar talent. Music is but one aspect of life at Ce Soir Arts, however, as we cherish and uplift all artistic expression including visual and experiential art, poetry, theatre, dance, and music. Having the Guest Gallery filled this past year has been a true adventure into the world of art. We’ve hosted eight wonderful artists, whose work includes inventive SL and RL photography, peaceful watercolour landscapes, strking hand-drawn tableaux, and stunning sculpture and particle art. How pleased we are to have provided a vista on these works of art and beauty from the following artists:

Loquacia Loonlovely photographic art with a haunting mystical quality

Owen Landarbrilliant photography with a world of vision to explore

Roy Mildormoody photographs that inspire

Lorac Farellastunning hand-drawn art with impeccable form and grace

Relay Caedmonelectric photos with a surprising edge

Russell Eponymglorious watercolors that capture the spirit of nature

Nessuno Myoorichly textured sculptural enchantments that evoke thought & emotion

Ultraviolet Alterdeft sculptural & particle art that moves with grace & meaning

Through February 15, the Art Retrospective will continue at The Conservatory at Ce Soir. Two works from each artist are on exhibit there for your enjoyment. Do catch the teleporter at the main Ce Soir landing point – or catch this breeze to enter our little wintry get-away at The Conservatory at Ce Soir. Spend some time there. Listen to the music or hush your sound and steep in the quiet and let the art move you:

Then, pop on down to the main venue space and walk through the gardens to see the glorious sculpture and particle art of Artist-in-Residence, Ultraviolet Alter. Take your time and let the works speak their peace to you. Do note: Ultraviolet will be visiting us again with her wonderful ambient music. Check back for a date soon!

Ce Soir Evening - 0712

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