Quiet weekend…busy week…

Yep, it’s pretty quiet around here, and I got to go bopping around the metaverse a bit today – something I have not gotten to do for awhile. It was really fun! I caught some great music over at Guthries (thanks, Dottie!) and did a little shopping. I found a few new clothing items but also some fun stuff, like a really cool telescope from LISP (grab it and its accoutrements over at Collabor88 before they’re gone!). Once Mireille gets back to fixing up the home sim, I will be all set to place it where I can sit back and gaze at the stars! Of course, I’m always gazing at a shining star… (You may quote me!)

The quiet was in RL this weekend too, which is these days a rarity. We’ve got some big family and business stuff going on (mostly good and happy things that just require time and attention), but this weekend actually ended up to be fairly mellow, not the marathon catch-another-plane craziness of recent weeks. We’re feeling much better too, about ready to declare ourselves over the flu. Hedging a bit on that one, as fatigue lingers. I hear its been that way for most folks, so at least we’re not alone.

Tomorrow is an RL work day, but we have much to look forward to at Ce Soir coming up:

The Art Retrospective continues up at The Conservatory at Ce Soir through February 15, when a new artist will take center stage at Ce Soir; in the meantime the absolutely stunning and engaging sculptural and particle art of the lovely Ultraviolet Alter continues to dot the Ce Soir landscape with beauty and meaning. Mireille has all the details for what’s coming up, so look for more from her on all that soon. There’s a little theatre piece in the offing as well as more poetry and music around the corner. Here’s what’s in store for this Valentines Day week – and the emphasis is, as it should be, on LOVE! We hope that you have loads of love in your lives and that you’ll enjoy this sweet holiday with someone special. And you know what? If not? You’re pretty special, just you. So enjoy, no matter what! Here’s the line-up:

✫✦❀ Poetry & Music with RUSSELL EPONYM – TUESDAY, Noon SLT at Ce Soir ❀✦✫

♫ ♬ AMFORTE Returns to Ce Soir – LIVE – WEDNESDAY, 4 PM SLT ♬♫

♫ ♬ DONN DEVORE – Rocks Ce Soir – WEDNESDAY, 5 PM SLT♬♫



♫ ♬❤ NEAL HOFFMANN – LIVE at Ce Soir for Valentines Day – NOON SLT ❤♬♫

❤ TBA ❤

RUSSELL EPONYM – LIVE on Valentines Day at Ce Soir – 2 PM SLT ❤♬♫

MOSHANG ZHAO Delivers the Chill – LIVE at Ce Soir – 8 PM SLT ❤♬♫

Come…be inspired tonight!

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