Winter Moods: Art by Xirana Oximoxi at Ce Soir Arts – Opening Celebration 20 February, 11 AM

We are pleased to present the work of Catalan artist Xirana Oximoxi at Ce Soir Arts. Interested in and exploring a range of artistic media and genres, Xirana offers us tender portraits of life in landscapes rich with beauty. At The Conservatory at Ce Soir, see the verdant hills and sweet flowers, step back to enjoy the lively cityscapes that invite you in with their vibrant colours. Take some time there, and be taken by the line drawings of musicians so lost in their music that viewing them evokes such a sense of presence that you can almost hear the strains of the violin… The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts:

At The Ce Soir Arts Guest Gallery on the main level at Ce Soir, Xirana‘s Winter Moods draw you; feel the chill of winter, even as you are filled with the warmth of the beauty of nature. Expressionistic in both realistic and modernistic views, these scenes are alive with the freshness of winter. Clean and clear, it is as if the air in the gallery has been charged with the bracing winds of winter. You will be engaged by the totality and voice of each piece, as Xirana’s flawless brushwork and deftness with layering create a vivid experience for you. Guest Gallery entrance:

Outside the Guest Gallery, Xirana has placed remarkable sculptural works. All are expressive of the experience of life and the seeking of balance and truth; you will enjoy them, and do read the informational notecards that accompany them. Stay with these pieces awhile and enjoy their message as well as their presentation.

Xirana is unquestionably a gifted and expressive artist whose work brings joy and the opportunity to explore her vision. From her Artist’s Statement, she tells us, “She wishes to create an art based on her experience of nature, an art that expresses a personal sense of beauty, an art that embodies craft of the highest order, an art that uses subjects both from the outside world and from the world of heart.”

The formal opening will be WEDNESDAY, 20 FEBRUARY with RUSSELL EPONYM! We do hope you will join us for the celebration. However, Xirana‘s beautiful art is ready for viewing now; it is available for sale, and we know you will enjoy it.

Come, be inspired…tonight!

Winter Moods at Ce Soir Arts - Xirana 2

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