And…we’re back!

So much has been going on for us in RL lately – and SL for that matter. One big thing interfered with pretty much everything, although we did not need to cancel any shows that were previously planned (thank goodness!). A terrible fire in our community destroyed three homes and a moderately-sized public wooded area recently. While the firefighters (bless them!) kept the fire from sweeping up the hills and prevented as much damage as possible, three beautiful homes and their acreage were destroyed or damaged, and that lovely wooded area is no more. We feel quite sad about this, although we are grateful that no one was seriously injured and all the animals survived unscathed and are safe and sound.

We were evacuated one afternoon after smoke made staying at home impossible. We spent that night at my husband’s office and then were moved to a hotel. While our home was not touched by flames, smoke can be very difficult to clean. The interior of our home needed a thorough cleaning and airing – which it has received over a week’s time, thanks to the good weather and the help of housekeeper and friends. That’s one of the blessings of this event – we have been reminded of the blessings of community; everyone came together to help with the clean-up and now there are fundraisers to help those families who are now without their homes – and this summer, an old-fashioned barn-raising will replace an historic barn that was lost in the fire.

This also reminds me of the just-kicked-off Relay for Life effort in SL. One of the most respected and longest-running charitable events (which is actually a series of events that are held during the fundraising season), Relay for Life offers us an opportunity to do something wonderful to support cancer research and services to those who need them. We at Ce Soir Arts are pleased to be part of this effort. Our team is actually all the teams together, for we are a family and are in very friendly “competition” to raise funds. As a music and arts venue, Ce Soir Arts is a member of SL Music Races for a Cure, and we love this team! What great people – like Still Braveheart, Precious Rallier from Under the Willows, and Liz Harley from Key West – come together to lead this effort. We’ll be hosting some events (notably, the SLMusic RFL of SL Art Faire & Auction and one of the Music Around the World events) right here at Ce Soir. RFL-dedicated kiosks will soon be placed at both the  main venue and at The Conservatory. Do donate when you visit! Your caring – and even a small amount of $L – will make a difference!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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