Something fun and informative – SL Meme from Strawberry Singh: My Seven SL Facts…

Those of you who know me, know that I appreciate fashion as the art it is, and you’ve probably long suspected that I’ve been “blog crawling” for the latest information on what’s new and where to shop. You’d be right if you thought that, and I have some favourite SL fashion and lifestyle blogs (for lack of a better term for these often wonderful words & pictures explorations of life in SL). One of them is written by media maven Strawberry Singh, whose photography and technical skills are top-notch and often generously shared with her readers. Strawberry is into everything cool, and I know you’ve seen her photographs, as they often appear on the SL website splash pages. If you haven’t, you haven’t been paying attention, so…check her blog and her photographs (there will be links at her blog page) at

Those listed above are pretty good reasons for you to take my recommendation and check Strawberry‘s blog, but they are not the only reasons why you should do that RIGHT NOW! She has posted a truly intriguing SL meme that has gotten my attention in a big way. Not only did I actually leave a comment with my list at her blog, I’m blogging it here! I do think this is beyond interesting, so please get on over there and check it out! Post your own list of the “My 7 SL Facts” at Berry‘s blog and read the others; you’ll enjoy it – guaranteed! Besides, maybe you’ll be like me and learn a lot about yourself in the process. What could be more fun than learning about yourself and about others in this wonderful virtual world we share?

Here’s my list:

1  I don’t like to land ANYWHERE but my home when I login! I am very adventurous and you’re likely to encounter me anywhere on the grid, but…landing anywhere but home is just not in the cards.

2  I have actually brought more than 100 people into SL since I’ve been here (2009); more than half of them are still here!

3  My “pet peeve” about communicating in SL is grammar and spelling. Not perfect, myself, I just deplore the “how r u” gambit. If you ask me that way, you might not get a response…sorry. I am very friendly and welcoming (and I do often overlook it), but “how r u” really, really, really irks me!

4  I am a good builder. I might not show off many of the things I create, but I have learnt from the best and building (even if I just create something and then let it go) relaxes me.

5  Virtual (and actual) space design is one of my passions. I could do that all day!

6  I am still using my first non-LL-issue shape. I met the BEST shape and skin designer in SL on my first shopping trip and she gave me this shape that day; she has since made it modify for me and I have “tweaked” it, but it’s still me!

7  I don’t have any alts, but I’m going to get one and I can’t wait! I do have lots of really great friends and that keeps things verrrrry interesting – as does my RL/SL partner, Aeon. He’s even funnier in RL!

That was fun – and informative. Oh! And before you do le freakout on the “I have brought more than 100 people into SL since I’ve been here” thing, I must tell you that many of them were people working in my father’s and my brother’s businesses. Yes, my niece (whom I also conned into coming encouraged to come into SL) and I introduced them to SL and they held business meetings here for a couple of years. Some of them still do, and many are still here – my niece and her very handsome (RL and SL) beloved, among them.

OK, that’s it for me today, except to remind you that we are enjoying the beautiful art of Xirana Oximoxi at both the Gallery and The Conservatory. Click and TP to see this lovely art, rich with colour. Xirana‘s brushwork gives texture to her work and her sensitivity is clear in each piece. Enjoy her sculptures in the Gallery Garden as well!

We also have  THREE OUTSTANDING SHOWS at Ce Soir tonight:

♫ ♬ Donn Devore – LIVE at Ce Soir – 5 PM SLT ♬♫

Brony, rocker, songwriter and musical powerhouse Donn Devore will keep you going from the first chord of his set. This technical wizard brings the voice, lush guitar, piano, and more to every show. He gives us his all in hard rock anthems, bluesy serenades and heartfelt love songs!

♫ ♬ SAMM QENDRA – LIVE at Ce Soir – 6 PM SLT ♬♫

Samm specializes in ballad and slow tempo music, songs that “touch the heart.” She has a lovely rich, melodic voice. Don’t miss her simply stunning performance!

♫ ♬ TUKSO OKEY – LIVE at Ce Soir – 7 PM SLT ♬♫

Join us for an unforgettable journey with music legend Tukso Okey. The rhythms are hypnotic, the lyrics spellbinding. Come hear this unique and mesmerizing sound that will have you oooh-ing, aaaah-ing and dancing to the groove!

Your trusty steed to the Ce Soir Castle!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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