Tonight at Ce Soir…

Come join us at The Conservatory at Ce Soir for a delightful evening of music with the talented Christopher135 Quan. It will be a special evening for you to enjoy, dancing and soaking in the warm ambience of the location and Christopher‘s wonderful music and stage presence. Come along tonight at 8 PM SLT for a sweet musical adventure you won’t soon forget!

Christopher135 Quan
Christopher135 Quan

Christopher will delight your senses with rich velvety vocals and melodic piano. His way with a song is delightful to say the least. You will find yourself swirling across the dance floor or simply swaying in time to the music. An award-winning songwriter, you will enjoy the hour as Christopher shares his own heartfelt compositions and covers that enchant audiences across the grid and in RL. Come along and enjoy a not-to-be-missed hour with this musical master and professional performer!

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