Big Day! SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire benefiting RFL of SL opens at The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts!

The SL Music Races for a Cure Team is having its annual Art Faire & Auction at Ce Soir Arts this year. 40 of SL’s fine artists have graciously donated at least one piece of their art for the auction benefiting RFL of SL. These works may be seen at The Conservatory at Ce Soir any time from 01 through 14 April; the auction portion of the Art Faire closes at 8 PM on 14 April. Until then, do come round and visit! View the art an bid on your favourites! A notecard explaining the process is available in the sign just outside The Conservatory door. (See a photo of the sign, below.)

Art Faire Sign - FINAL

The wintry weather at The Conservatory lends itself well to sharing the beauty of art. Outside, you’ll see several sculptural pieces by artists Ultraviolet Alter, Bryn Oh, K3W, Fuschia Nightfire, Faith Maxwell, Haveit Neox and Secret Rage. All around, lovely and striking pieces of art – drawings, paintings, photographs and more draw you in with delightful scenes, intriguing views, magical representations both realistic and whimsical. See work by artists Dacob Paine, Gracie Kendal, Harbor Galaxy, Christie Spad, Isabel Hermano, Owen Landar, Aelin Quan, Xirana Oximoxi, Sylvia Darcy, Eliza Cabassoun, Milly Sharple, Spiral Silverstar, Theadee, spiriteddragon, Enola Vaher, David Weiner, Jack Nichols, Blueberry Muliana, Mathilde Vhargon, Fae Varriale, Lady Starbrook Yosuke, Russell Eponym, Sid Slade, Polaris Grayson, Safi Farspire, John Q. Ballyhoo, and Uleria Caramel.

Each of these fine artists are donating their talent and work for the benefit of RFL of SL and everyone on the team – and everyone in general! – thanks them for their kindness and generosity. All the teams working to support RFL of SL are very active at this time, so look for many other events from SL Music Races for a Cure and the many other teams working so hard now to bring awareness and raise funds benefiting RFL of SL. What a wonderful cause! We at Ce Soir Arts are honoured to host this event and look forward to seeing you there!

Samm Pink

THE OPENING will be 01 April at 2 PM SLT.

The lovely and very talented songstress, Samm Qendra will donate her time and talent to support this important cause. Come join us, as Samm‘s beautiful, rich voice fills the air with song at The Conservatory! You won’t want to miss this very special hour with one of SL’s finest vocalists. Samm brings us an extensive repertoire of music – from Broadway showtunes to the velvety sounds of songs by Norah Jones, Samm sings them all with style and grace. Do come enjoy!

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