Great music, wonderful art, incredible generosity!

The SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire & Auction continues at The Conservatory at Ce Soir. It’s been a great week, and as we start week two, we’re looking forward to it – even more, if that’s even possible! Working with such great folks to put it together has been a real joy, but nothing beats enjoying fantastic music amidst so many glorious pieces of art – and feeling the incredibly warm, kind generosity of friends both old and new.

SUNDAY was simply amazing. Those of you who know me already know that I don’t throw that word about much. A bit of a lexicographer,  words are my friends; I love and respect them and attempt to choose them wisely (well, at least most of the time!). But…amazing it was!

AryiannaFirst, Aryianna graced the stage with her great Nashville sound and charming stage presence. A true supporter of the Relay for Life of SL effort, Aryanna reminded us why we had gathered – to raise funds for RFL of SL – and raise funds we did! Such generosity! People gathered to enjoy Aryianna‘s sweet country style and to dig deep for the cause. It was…amazing. Donating her time and talent, this award-winning musician entertained us with country greats like “Strawberry Wine” and “Seven Bridges Road” and brought many smiles to us with her delightful banter. Thank you, Aryianna! We truly enjoyed spending an hour with you!

We had a nice group gathered – a generous group indeed! – and then Mr. Mulder Watts stepped Mulder Wattsto the stage. Known far and wide as a steady yet innovative musician, Mulder brought us a fabulous hour of music. His rich voice, deft guitar-playing, and eclectic mix of outstanding original music and some of the most well-done covers around made for a fantastic show. Charming and genuine, Mulder  kept everyone grooving, smiling – and donating to RFL of SL. We hated to see the hour end! Thank you so much, Mulder – it was…amazing!

We took a bit of a break after that, but folks kept popping in to see the artwork, and bids kept coming in. This is our purpose: to raise awareness and funds for RFL of SL – and to have a great time doing it! The musicians call us in and the art and ambiance keep us there…

Therese NightfireAt 5 PM SLT, the lovely and gifted musician, Therese Nightfire, landed and the crowd gathered once more to enjoy her simply stunning show. Her astoundingly beautiful voice, vivacious stage presence, and collection of original and cover songs kept us dancing through an hour of lively chat and active donations. Therese loves requests and she delighted us, every time, with dreamy love songs and riveting blues. When she sang from The Phantom of the Opera, you could hear a pin drop. Wow! What a glorious voice! Thank you Therese, for your kindness in sharing with us!

It was a great afternoon and evening at the SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire & Auction. We thank everyone who participated – your generosity is deeply appreciated! And…we’re all set to do it again today. Come join us for Hazie Moonwall at 4 PM SLT and Andreus Gustafson at 5 PM SLT. It’s going to be a fabulous show! Don’t forget the Art Faire & Auction benefiting RFL of SL are open 24/7 through 14 April. See you here: The Conservatory at Ce Soir!

Art Faire Sign - FINAL

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