SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire & Auction – a Recap and Celebration

The SL Music Races for a Cure Team – and most notably, our Team Captain Still Braveheart – deserve a round of applause for their work on this event held at The Conservatory at Ce Soir. We so enjoyed hosting the SL Music Art Faire & Auction benefiting RFL of SL! We have met so many wonderfully kind and generous people from all walks of life (and SecondLife!), and neither Aeon nor I will ever forget these two weeks. Such beautiful and inventive art! Such astounding music! Such wonderful friends…

Our deepest appreciation to:

Still Braveheart, Team Captain: Oh, my goodness! This lady is on top of things! She knows what’s what and who’s who and how to get things done – in a flash! It was so much fun watching her and learning from her. How can we ever, ever thank her? Still, you are…truly…AMAZING!

Sylvia Darcy and Samantha Chester, two outstanding team leaders who helped us learn about the ins and outs of the Art Faire & Auction. Their experience and assistance made a huge difference to us. Brava!

These artists donated their personal, beautiful art for this event, and we will be forever grateful to them. Words of appreciation fall short when attempting to express our gratitude. Their work was the centrepiece of this event and made it the success it was…

Ultraviolet Alter: a beautiful sculpture with particles entitled We are Upheld

John Q. Ballyhoo: a lovely pastoral scene entitled Sepia Falls

Eliza Cabassoun: sweet pink floral photogtraphy entitled Starflowers

Uleria Caramel: a striking artwork entitled Glory of the Forest

Sylvia Darcy: beautiful floral pieces, beach scenes, and Mardi Gras lovelies

Russell Eponym: wonderful lanscapes entitled Gold River and Clapham, Yorkshire

Safi Farspire: a thoughtful painting of Woman Dreaming

Harbor Galaxy: a bit of mystery entitled The Decision

Polaris Grayson: several pieces related to RFL of SL’s work seeking a cure

Isabel Hermano: a sensitive modern piece entitled Healing Light

JudiLynn India: a sensitive portrayal of 

K3W: a striking sculptural and particle artwork entitled Nexus

Gracie Kendall: mezmerizing modern art entitled Eat Pray Love

Owen Landar: a deep photographic sculpture entitled Stone

Faith Maxwell: an engaging sculpture entitled Sky on Fire

Blueberry Muliana: a calm scene entitled A High Country Pond

Haveit Neox: an innovative piece with movement entitled Moon Fence

Jack Nichols: a gorgeous photograph of model Tigger O’Hare entitled Dance of Life

Fuschia Nightfire: a beautiful animated sculpture entitled Animated Unicorn

Bryn Oh: a very special piece from Bryn’s latest installation entitled Juniper

Xirana Oximoxi: a glorious floral piece entitled Cosmos

Dacob Paine: engaging modern art entitled Magic

Aelin Quan: a sweet mystical piece entitled Fairytales

Secret Rage: a striking moving sculpture entitled The Secret Enemy

spiriteddragon Resident: two pieces of calm entitled Butterfly Wind & Path to Meditation

Milly Sharple: gorgeous urns and vases in a collection entitled Group of Vases

Spiral Silverstar: a piece of movement and rhythm entitled River of Color

Sid Slade: a pastoral scene entitled Pixies Brook

Christie Spad: a stunning seaside painting entitled Stormy

Thea (theadee): two lovely photographs entitled Airbus and Surfergirl Xing

enola Vaher: two striking black & white drawings entitled Joan and fallen

Fae Varriale: an etheral painting entitled Spiritflight

Mathilde Vhargon: bold modern art entitled Hot Convergence

David Weiner: two electric photographs entitled Spanish Kisses & A New World Record

Lady Starbrook Yosuke: a delightful work entitled 50s SciFi

In addition, there are musicians to thank…but that will be in my next posting. Also, the most precious thank you of all goes to all of you who visited, explored, enjoyed, bid, and donated. THANK YOU! You have our deepest appreciation. The cause is a mighty one – and it is one we must keep supporting until a cure is found for cancer. The American Cancer Society and their collaborators continue to work around the clock to unlock what remains of the mystery. We wish them well as we move forward.

Please attend other SL Music Races for a Cure Team events – and the events of the other fine teams who all work together to spread the word about the efforts of RFL of SL and to support them. It depends on all of us, working together. It is time for a cure, and we will get there!

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