Busy times…RL & SL…

Aeon and I have been incredibly busy in RL as of late. Storms with simply unbelievable force have left their mark on our property – including our beautiful 1920 home. The roof is completely totaled and we will soon have a new one…but already feel nostalgic for the old which was original to the home (only covered by more modern protection). The damage from these storms means the old and the new must go…and be replaced. *sigh*

We had a storm several months ago that did some damage and that was FINALLY getting addressed when the HAILSTORM from HADES descended and finished the job – toute de suite ! Windows out, roof demolished, trees cracked, sod torn open, etc…etc…etc…(and as one particularly insensitive soul said) blah…blah…blah. All the while, we’ve kept things going at Ce Soir with minimal interruption, through the wonderful SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire and Auction (benefiting RFL of SL), which we were honoured to host at The Conservatory at Ce Soir. Read more about this beautiful event in previous posts…and enjoy learning about these marvelous artists and musicians – and the vital cause they served with their donations of time and talent. A big THANK YOU to them all – and to Team Captain Still Braveheart (who is truly amazing!) and to all of YOU who came, enjoyed, and donated! Every $L counts!

And so…on we go. There’s much happening at Ce Soir Arts, and we’ll try to catch you up and give you a preview of more lovely newness! Read on!

2 thoughts on “Busy times…RL & SL…

  1. Goodness, Mireille and Aeon!!! May all this be a distant memory real soon. Hugs

  2. Thank you, M. Bright! It has been a trying winter-into-spring for us. The winds have been merciless and such storms have been all too common. It is as if they simply come into being from nothing. The hail was such a surprise and it sounded as though there were 100 people on the roof pounding with big hammers. It lasted several minutes each time and happened three times within a half-hour. The ground was white after – as if with snow, except it was big rounded chunks and little pebbles of ice!
    You are so kind to write. We are fine and the house soon will be, although we are wondering what’s next! 🙂
    Be well, M. Bright! Merci bien !

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