Welcoming…Ce Soir Arts May Artist in Residence: Fae Varriale

Ce Soir Arts is pleased to announce an enchanting exhibit by artist Fae Varriale that will be open at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery throughout the month of May. An opening celebration is planned for Tuesday, May 07 at 1:30 PM SLT, featuring the stunning musical artistry of JordanReyne Deezul, mistress of industrial folk noir.

Fae’s artwork is both dark and delightful. She captures mercurial moods and imbues each piece with its own aura; her sensitivity and use of color and texture are magical, whether in a photograph or sculptural piece. Fae’s depictions of mystical scenes and beings are inspired by myth, folklore, and fantasy, and the haunting imagery will draw you in. The exquisite subjects are richly detailed, and as you enter their realms, the fascination of becoming anything you wish in SecondLife becomes second nature.

The landscapes of Fae’s works are splendid and as you observe, you feel that you are exploring amidst the mists of some of the most beautiful builds in SecondLife. The experience of these works is more than that, however, for as these strange yet familiar dreamworlds open, you step in and are enthralled by the atmosphere of wonder that Fae’s work both creates and evokes from within.

You will be moved by the art of Fae Varriale. Come…be inspired!

Visit the Ce Soir Arts Gallery.

The Art of Fae Varriale
The Art of Fae Varriale

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