Strawberry Singh is at it again with a great new meme: My Second Life Haiku

OK, everyone. I had such a day planned – RL and SL…but it soon just went “POOF” in the mist of this wonderful meme from Strawberry Singh. She’s been posting weekly memes for a bit now, and they’re all fascinating. See one I completed below or access Strawberry’s great blog for more information. Be aware: you’re likely to get into it – which I happen to think it fantastic! Really focusing on our lives here in this virtual wonderworld can reap many benefits. For one, consciousness and awareness are GOOD in life – no matter where you happen to be living it!

I have gotten REALLY HOOKED on this HAIKU thing…and my pen has been busy all morning. In between contacts with friends and tending to things that simply must be done (RL and SL), I’ve been exploring my SL world in words and trying to make them fit the conventions of haiku. Here’s my first effort, but there will be more…

Mystic dreams come true

Awhirl in worlds of wonder

SL is my muse

That’s not half bad for a speedwrite, but it’s really not quite spot on – it needs a contrasting element or a bit of a twist. Hmmm. I really want to apply that laser-like focus on this idea. “Oh-oh!” I can just hear Aeon sighing….teehee! (I secretly believe he’ll get into it too, but time will tell…)

Mireille pondering...
Mireille pondering at the sea in Ce Soir

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