✫✦❀ TODAY at Ce Soir Arts ❀✦✫

A special day has arrived, as the enchanting artist FAE VARRIALE is honoured with an exhibit opening at 1:30 PM SLT. It will be a lovely event, as Fae will be present to greet guests and share information requested about her work. You are invited, so do come along and enjoy this beautiful art – and the music of the mistress of industrial folk noir, JORDANREYNE DEEZUL. We are always happy to have Jordan in at Ce Soir and today will be made even more special by her stunning musical performance!

First, however, is the charming and erudite RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate at Ce Soir. He will gather us at The Magic Tree for an hour of recitation and rumination that will delight and educate. Always eloquent, always engaged with those who come from far and wide to sit and ponder with him, Russell is a true treasure. His memoirs are touching and fascinating, and his grasp of the range of genre within literature and music astounding. Come join us for an hour of word, wisdom, wit, and wonder – with a bit of acoustic music added in for good measure. Come along at noon and join us!

At 1:30 PM, move over to the Ce Soir Arts Gallery (a short walk from The Magic Tree Reading Spot) to enjoy our next event! Industrial-folk noir at its finest is redefined by this innovative and talented artist. Indeed, the music of JordanReyne is a transcendent blend of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences; steam and other factory sounds are part of her musical landscape. Ethereal Celtic melodies weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that will take your attention, and her powerful voice is as inviting as it is electric. Come to Ce Soir Arts and share the hour with JordanReyne and enjoy her special brand of musical magic as the wonderful, wistful art of FAE VARRIALE is welcomed to the gallery.

Often dark and moody, Fae‘s artwork is inspired by myth, folklore and fantasy. The haunting imagery draws you into strange yet familiar dreamworlds. Drawing on the diversity of beautiful and unusual landscapes and the ability to change appearance to almost anything you wish, Fae uses photographs taken in-world as the basis for her pictures. Her sculptural works will also enchant you. Come enjoy!


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