Busy times…!

Since the opening for the beautiful art exhibit  by mystical artists FAE VARRIALE, we’ve been busy at Ce Soir Arts. Of course, many visitors have come to enjoy her work and were here for the opening and caught the simply stunning industrial folk noir music of the talented JordanReyne Deezul. What a great combination of art and music! We had a great time – and earlier, the ruminations of Russell Eponym were just great! The shows on Wednesday (see earlier post) were also loads of fun. MoShang Zhao brought his fantastic CHILL to help us all wind down on Thursday night, and wow, did we need it!

MoShang‘s music – LIVE from Taiwan – is a sweetly cool mix of downbeat electronica, traditional instrumentation (love that Shruthi!), and modern technology. The Shruthi is really something (a hybrid digital/analog monosynth), and MoShang is its master. Look for a post all about MoShang soon…but for now, let’s just say we really enjoyed the hour (as we always do!) on Thursday night. Why not join us, this week, eh? We’ll be there at 8 PM – Ce Soir Castle

Saturday, we ran over and celebrated one of our favourite musician’s second wedding anniversary at Kingdom of Reallis. Quantamis and his lovely Sedona have been wed for two years now, and we couldn’t be happier. Love – as Mireille would say – is everything! These two have love in spades, and it’s a delight. It was a beautiful occasion with great music and lots of friends. Congratulations – and best wishes for the coming years!

Sunday, we missed a very special event! Two other friends celebrated their love with a handfasting – and we had every intention of attending, but it just could not be. A mix of bad weather and surprise visitors interfered. We’re very sad to have missed it, for Morgue McMillan – the lovely and profound poet – and Brendan Shoreland – a delightful musician – are happy together and that makes us happy too! Our best to the both of them for a joyous future ahead!

Sunday night brought a wild ride with none other than the inimitable DRAGONFLY and the outstanding TWINGHOST RONAS. Joel brought out some new music – and some recent stuff he’s been reworking. WOWZA only comes close! We had it going LOUD at our house and it was, well, AWESOME! Always a powerhouse of sound, Joel blew the roof off the place! Seriously! And then Twin…well, what can I say? He mellowed us out in grand style with some deep groove – and those tunes keep playing in my head. Add to that the great crowd that gathered over the two hours, and…what a night!

We’re off today, but look for us tomorrow when the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir returns to The Magic Tree with more readings and ruminations. Russell Eponym‘s wit and wisdom – don’t miss it! See you at NOON tomorrow!

As the “ladies who lunch” say. “Ta-ta for now!” (OK, I hear you laughing! hehe…)

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