Double-takes at Ce Soir Castle…

(Picking up where Aeon left off…) let me say first that the week that was had a great start! We decided to keep it going with two more shows on Wednesday. Now, you who read this blog regularly (and I know for a fact that there are at least a few of you brave souls!) will know that we’ve been doing a bit of shifting around when it comes to the schedule in recent months. It is true that we have plans to do more with the theatre and add to the art spaces here at Ce Soir, but for now we’ve sort of settled into a nice mid-range of shows and feel we have some of the very best coming round to share their talents.

Samm and Voodoo

Wednesday night was a case in point. SAMM QENDRA and VOODOO SHILTON both came in and thrilled all who gathered to hear their musical magic. SAMM‘s voice fills the castle with lilting melody whenever she sings at Ce Soir and VOODOO takes us on a world tour with that fantastic and intricate guitar. It’s a guaranteed great time, and we certainly bear witness to that! SAMM‘s shows are always stunning with beautiful songs and a sweet conversation, and VOODOO makes us smile with his international flair. It was a great night, and we’ll do it again soon!

Russell and MoShang

Thursday always brings the inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM round to strum and sing his way through an hour of “folk, blues, and beyond.” His velvety vocals and lively sense of humour make for a charming hour indeed! Add in a little banjo and kazoo to go with that beautiful guitar – and you’ve got something special. The Eponymous Family – a great group of folks from literally all over the world – come along for the fun and its miles of smiles for everyone! And then, following our afternoon and evening break, in steps The Sound Jeweler himself, MOSHANG ZHAO. Streaming live from Taiwan, MOSHANG brings us the very best in chilltronica – the ultra-cool downbeat electronica he calls Chinese Chill. What a way to end a day! Mellow yet energizing tunes with an electronica twist: perfect! We’ll do it all again next week…

Lisa and Saintess

We had a great time on Wednesday and Thursday, as you can see above, and we’re usually just happy as can be to move right into the weekend on Thursday night. But this week was a little different. How? Well…we tried something new: FRIDAY SHOWS. It was an interesting experiment, and we had LOTS of FUN! Of course, we chose just the right musicians: the lovely LISA BRUNE – the Frenchwoman whose throaty voice and chatty banter can charm the socks off anyone and the spectacular SAINTESS LARNIA – the British girl whose vocals and guitar-playing  never fail to delight. Both were in fine voice and all who gathered passed the two hours in rapt attention and a rather riotous local chat… <insert knowing smile here>! LISA and SAINTESS simply sparkle and shine, and we loved every moment! Truly, it was a great time, and so we might venture out on another Friday soon!

The Art of Fae Varriale
The Art of Fae Varriale at Ce Soir Arts Gallery

In the meantime…come round to enjoy the beautiful, mystical art of FAE VARRIALE…it will enchant you with its magical subjects immersed in fantastical dreamworlds that will call you like a siren to step in… Once you do, the enchantment begins and you will be swept away in a swirl of myth and magic! Come enjoy Fae‘s lovely work at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery through May.

Come…be inspired tonight!

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