Avatar Blogger Month. Hm.

Well, folks, since it’s June and Avatar Blogger Month, Mireille and I decided to take the challenge and post 30 times in 30 days. Day One is almost up, so I’d best get blogging! hehe

I don’t imagine they’ll gripe too much if we share the blogging chores for these 30 days, so I’ll start.

We’re having a great weekend! We went to Saintess Larnia‘s birthday bash (a hippie extravaganza) and had lots of fun dancing and chatting like mad. We do love to laugh, and there was lots of opportunity for that! We do have photos, but I’m on the wrong computer – so will come back later to edit and add.

Also, we’re taking a little RL trip this weekend for a little peace and quiet. Maybe just one full day of a change of pace will be enough for now. Looks like a busy week ahead! Mireille will fill you in on the particulars with her post tomorrow.

Until next time!

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