Day 3??

I really don’t have much to say today, except that the party was AWESOME! SAINTESS outdid herself with those great country tunes – and OWEN seemed to really have a great time. He’s a fine fellow, that’s for sure! Friends flocked and danced and hooted and hollered their way through the event – and everyone was laughing and kickin’ up their bootheels in time to the music!

We’re waiting on photos from friends (maybe even Owen, if he took any), ‘cos I got all caught up in the moment and didn’t take any, and Mireille had technical issues. In fact, she had to relog about 12 times before the party even started! But she looked really cute in that saloon doll outfit! Miss Kitty, I do declare! Aeon Woodford’s mind wanders…

Anyway, it was a great day and I’m tired! So…this is a short post before my long nap.

Have a good one – and do join us for great poetry and music, comin’ right up!

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