Tuesday with Russell at The Magic Tree…

Poet Laureate at Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym is a treasure indeed. Every Tuesday, we gather at The Magic Tree Reading Spot to listen in rapt attention to the array of wonderful readings and ruminations he brings us each week. I often say, “It’s magic!” and it is. His acumen and sensibility seem to know no bounds as he explores everything from the tomes of the greats (Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth, etc.) to little gems hidden within the covers of antique bookstore finds. An avid reader and bookstore sleuth, Russell finds some of the most genuinely beautiful, fantastical, and hilarious readings to share! Add to that his own deft writings and a song or two, and you’ve got a potion for magic indeed!

Russell Reading

We’ve enjoyed everything from belly-laughs with Pam Ayres to sombre moments with Poe – and everything (I mean, EVERYTHING!) in between. Tuesdays have become my very favourite day in Ce Soir, and it’s all because of Russell. He generally opens with a Thought for the Day – always something worth our attention – and then follows that with readings and ruminations to follow along the general theme. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it including some wildly raucous laughter, subtle smiles, and deep reverie of a very serious and meaningful nature. It’s an adventure of the spirit…so don’t miss it next week. We’ll be here at noon, ready for the journey. Come along!

Listening as Russell Reads
Listening as Russell Reads

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