Morgue McMillan-Shoreland and Brendan Shoreland at The Magic Tree…1 PM SLT Today…

Morgue and BrendanToday is the day for a monthly poetry and music event at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir with the lovely Morgue McMillan-Shoreland and her beloved musician partner, Brendan Shoreland. They are a collaboration made in heaven – she, with her striking poetry, and he, with his sweet guitar, make a fine pairing indeed! They did just have a handfasting in May, and we could not be happier for the two of them. Congratulations and best wishes, Morgue and Brendan! May the years ahead bring you more happiness than you can imagine!

We hope you’ll drop by to cluster in at The Magic Tree at 1 PM as these two share their talents with us today. Morgue‘s poetry is always beautiful and relevant in meaningful ways to life in-world – and out. She never shies away from controversial or deeply serious topics and she always seems to capture the spirit of her subject, adding just the right amount of commentary or wry humour. It’s guaranteed that you will enjoy her reading and come away with something new to mull over in your mind – and in your heart.

Brendan always offers up a fine slate of songs to complement Morgue‘s work, and often the lyrics come from her pen as well as his. It’s a delightful mix that never fails to bring a warm smile.

See you here!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot
The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Night…

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