Last night…

Oh, what a night! It was one filled with music and laughter at Ce Soir; the castle was rollicking and so were the crowds!

Donn Devore - Rocker and More!
Donn Devore: rock and more!

Donn Devore came in first, and he hit it out of the park! NEW original songs were the highlight of the night, and they were lovely and captivating original instrumentals for both lilting piano and lush guitar that took us to new and sometimes fantastical places. We love Donn‘s original music, and last night was a treat indeed. He was resting his voice following a bit of a virus, and he showed the true mettle of his musicianship in these intricately detailed pieces. There’s an energy that rests in even his quietest piece (and which shows itself boldly when he gets to rockin’!), and that energy draws you in. Always one with magic in his pocket, he certainly brought his A-game this night. Bravo, Donn – and thank you Yanne from SpiritFire Entertainment – for another night to remember!

AMFORTE spices things up!Up next was the exciting AMFORTE – showing, as she is wont to do – her punk-rock roots with a bit of southern flair. No one has that laugh – and she just makes me smile, anyway.  She’s been very busy IRL and her schedule shows that, but we did manage to snag her for an hour tonight, and what a delightful hour it was! She treated us to some fine original music and her banter with the audience was witty and charming, as always. Fans gathered and provided their own entertainment, as well as enjoying the hot vocals and cool guitar riffs that AMFORTE always brings to the party. (I won’t name names, but TOMMI and HOKU were up to their usual hijinx – and a good time was had by all!) We danced our socks off! Thank you, AMFORTE! We’re so glad that manager Ling found an opening on your calendar for us!

Tukso Okey
Tukso Okey – gettin’ in the groove!

Speaking of compelling original music, Tukso Okey was up next. He came in for a rousing hour of deep, soulful blues and hot, raw rock – Tukso style! It almost cannot be captured in words what happens when he hits that groove thing, but WOW! The sound of it seeps into your inner core and inspires you to move…and groove. Sheer art! We call it The Tukso Okey Experience, and it’s very sensual and engaging. At a certain point in a Tukso concert, we almost move as one as he creates that magical music in the moment, always with a surprise that you just can’t see coming. Oh, yah, baby! You’ve just GOT to hear it if you’ve not, so come round in two weeks at Ce Soir Castle – or check him out elsewhere on the grid. Padula Bing can hook you up!

A great night at Ce Soir has come to conclusion, with smiles all around. The sim is at rest once more, having calmed from the heights of avatar comings and goings. What a night of music and fun! Thank you, everyone!

Ce Soir Evening - 0712 Logo A

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