Time moves along and a new Artist-in-Residence steps in for June: J4ck Nichols (Jack)!

As difficult as it is to bid adieu to the absolutely lovely work of enchanting artist Fae Varriale, we know that time marches on and that – as always – yet another talented and expressive artist steps in at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery. This month, it’s the inimitable J4ck Nichols – known as Jack – who brings an array of photographic scenes and comics art that will astound. Coming into the Ce Soir Arts Gallery in time for a stunning opening (07 June from noon to 2 PM SLT) with the fabulous mistress of industrial folk noir JordanReyne Deezul and the lovely French songstress Lisa Brune providing the music, Jack offers us something wonderful to view – many somethings wonderful to view, as it turns out!

Not only will you enjoy his sublime Second Life® portraiture – which captures the heart and spirit of each subject – but also a sampling of his innovative work in comics art. When Aeon saw those comics, he went wild with enthusiasm! And no wonder – they’re fantastic! Using slick photographic tools with great skill and talent, Jack transforms what we see into simply outstanding comics art. We love it!

Such vision we have enjoyed exploring since our first exhibit last year, and Jack now adds his own signature to our collection. Indeed, each artist has brought his or her own special perspective and artistic touch as various media have been used. This is the magic for us: variety truly is the spice of life!

Still, each artist brings one thing that they share in common with one another: beauty. Whilst it may come from completely different quarters and be expressed in an enormous range of media and method, beauty is at the very heart of it all. And although we genuinely miss each artist as they move on, we keep distinctive mementos of their time here; be it a photograph, a mural, a piece of finely wrought sculpture (or several!), each piece and the artist who created it holds a special place in our private gallery – and in our very heart of hearts.

Thank you, Fae, for sharing your wondrous works of myth and legend at Ce Soir Arts. Many came and were enthralled by these mystical pieces of art and fantasy. Rest assured that we shall follow your work to step into the magic again…and again! (Fae‘s work can be seen at the wonderful Branwen Arts and at other fine galleries and installations across the grid.

We do hope you will come enjoy Jack‘s opening celebration: 07 June from noon to 2 PM. You will have a chance to peruse the exhibit and ask the artist any questions you might have.  Get ready for the striking music of JordanReyne Deezul (who has just released an incredible new CD: The Annihilation Sequence – which you can purchase here) as she unleashes her powerful yet haunting industrial folk noir. Following JordanReyne, the lovely Lisa Brune will step to the stage to charm us with her inimitable whispery vocals and delightful banter as her beloved Jack‘s exhibit opens at Ce Soir Arts. Come enjoy the opening and take your time with Jack’s art, as it will be in at Ce Soir Arts through the month of June.


Venir ! Être inspiré ce soir !      Come, be inspired tonight!     Vieni! Essere ispirato stasera!

2 thoughts on “Time moves along and a new Artist-in-Residence steps in for June: J4ck Nichols (Jack)!

  1. Thank you Mireille and Aeon! Im honored and excited to expose my photos in your beautiful venue and have chance to help RFL! Love you both 🙂 Jack

  2. You are certainly welcome, Jack! Your work is excellent and both Aeon and I look forward to meeting many of those who will come to enjoy and trust that many will donate to RFL of SL during the exhibit. Thank you for your work and your kindness and generosity!

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