Wow! June’s art exhibit is off to a grand beginning!

Jack enjoys the opening!
Jack enjoys the opening!

We had a grand time at Jack Nichols‘ exhibit opening! With 77 avatars (at one time – we figured, total, that there were more than 90 all-told) dancing and perusing the gallery, it was quite a madhouse! Mireille was busy fielding questions about Ce Soir and about the gallery, etc., and so I (tried to) manage the meet-and-greet. All I can say is, “Thanks, Musique, for all your help!” She was there with the usual crowd (PLUS!) for Lisa Brune‘s outstanding set as the celebration got into full swing. She had an eye out to those landing (and RE-landing – LOL), and did a fine job of making them feel welcome. Of course, Tommi and Hoku and the gang knew they were welcome. What several of them did NOT seem to know was all about Jack‘s fantastic photographic and comics art! They knew all about it before the opening was over, and the donations to RFL of SL kept climbing. It was a wonderful and quite successful event!

Unfortunately, JordanReyne could not make it; her schedule has been incredibly hectic in both RL and SL with the recent release of the long-awaited CD The Annihilation Sequence. Mireille and I have ordered our hard-copy and have been enjoying the instant-download MP3 ever since. Wow is a good word for it. (Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford walks around singing, “You’ll do what you’re told! You’ll do what you’re told!” over and over and over! WOOOTS!) We truly missed Jordan, but she clearly needed some rest and everyone was quite understanding. She will be back at Ce Soir later this month, so watch the calendar – and catch her elsewhere in the meantime. Hie thyself to Bandcamp and get that CD; it’s a limited-edition of only 900 and they are going FAST!

Undaunted by a change in schedule, we regrouped a bit and got the word out (thank you, Mimi for your great assistance!). Even with no musical show going, people rained in – a nice little trickle at first, and they wandered the place to get a feel not only for Jack‘s artwork but also for Ce Soir in general. Lots of photographs were taken and many commented on the exhibit as well as the sim and our background music. M and I had fun just hanging around the place during that hour and then…it got a wee bit crazed as Lisa’s Lulus started landing. It was a wild ride, let me tell you! They seemed genuinely taken with Jacks art (and who wouldn’t be!?) and were chatting up a storm in three or four languages as the clock ticked its way to the moment when Lisa Brune would take the stream.

As the impeccable host, I offered what I thought was a dandy toast to the man of the hour: Mr. Jack Nichols. It was well-received and he got a huge round of applause:

Mesdame et messieurs!

A toast to Jack Nichols. Jack specializes in fantasy, a projection of our imaginations—which, after all, is only potentially unreal. The realism of his art makes that projection of our fantasies more potentially real through his vivid depictions and verisimilitude. This is a gift—for which we all are recipients and all have reason to be grateful. 

Thank you, Jack, for the gift of fantasy made real. To you, Jack, salut! Et merci bien

“In the moment a melody touches you, paints your world with infinite colours.” This is what Jack tells us about the music of Lisa Brune

And then Lisa took the stage and charmed us all for an hour of lovely music – including some new songs such as her absolutely stunning rendition of “My Funny Valentine.” It was simply beautiful, as was the entire hour. Time with Lisa on stage is special indeed and today was no exception to that. We adore her at Ce Soir, and we truly enjoyed the show!

A Happy Crowd!
A Happy Crowd!

Thank you, Lisa and Jack – and each and every one who came to enjoy. It was a grand event, a fine beginning of what will be a very successful exhibit for Jack. Do come round to see his exceptional artwork – and please (by his request) – donate generously to the RFL of SL kiosk that is located at the entrance to the Ce Soir Arts Exhibition Gallery. Your generosity is deeply appreciated!

Come…be inspired tonight!

2 thoughts on “Wow! June’s art exhibit is off to a grand beginning!

  1. Thank you again Mireille and Aeon! What awesome day and honor for me to be there, you two are so kind and Ce Soir is the temple of music and art! Hugs 🙂

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