A day off…time to play “hooky” in SL!

As you can surmise from recent posts, we’ve been rather busy at Ce Soir Arts of late. Summer is off to a magnificent start, and we could not be happier about it! Not only has the winter and spring of STORMS passed (more-or-less!) in RL, but also we’re focusing more and more on art and theatre. Look for some interesting programmes soon to come your way… Enough said about that (for now). I want to tell you what we did in SL today.

After tidying up from the wonderful exhibit opening for Jack Nichols yesterday, we changed out of our (as Aeon calls it) “fancy schmancy” apparel into something a bit more casual but fun! We’re in the PINK for the weekend, and we couldn’t have a rosier outlook! Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford giggles!

There were the usual weekend chores – a new schedules to create and put up for the week (and on SL Search); writing up notices for Sunday and beyond, etc. All just the usual fare. But…speaking of Sunday, you won’t want to miss it! Check tomorrow’s post for details, but let’s just say that DRAGONFLY and TwinGhost Ronas are up to their usual fantastic-ness – PLUS! Oh, yah, baby! You’ll want to be sure to be here. The fun starts at 8 PM SLT on Sunday night and goes til…??? WHEEEE!

And note, if you will, the rather large grouping of musicians coming in at Ce Soir next Saturday. It SL Music Races for a Cure Music Around the World Event, and we’ve got Saturday morning covered, thanks to the wonderful Liz Harley from Key West. Lots of great international music will fill the grid that weekend, so come along and give it a go!

So, after gearing up for the week ahead, we decided to go shopping. We had a fabulous time looking at new outfits for both of us, and we hit the proverbial jackpot! Great new mesh outfits, shoes, boots, hair, jewelry – the works! It was a fun day off and we visited several galleries and lovely locations in SL. We didn’t hit any concerts, this time, but will in future forays. This time, we turned off the speakers and enjoyed some quiet time together. And then…an evening of RL fun intruded and we were off to dinner out and a play. We’re celebrating Aeon‘s birthday (1o June) a bit early,  but that’s OK. The celebration will last all week!

It’s been a great weekend so far, and after some more attention to RL matters, we’ll be back in-world to enjoy Sunday night! See you at The Castle – 8 PM SLT!

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