Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I don’t know why, but I was up and at ’em this morning, bright and very early. Well, it wasn’t REALLY bright, as the sun was not up yet. LOL. But I was up and after I tended to a few early morning chores around the place, I logged in to check on things at Ce Soir. All was well and I got the chance to chat with a few friends who were, understandably, a bit surprised to see me in-world so early in the day. It was a nice departure, and I actually got some SL work done. Progress on a project gives a good feeling.

We ended up going out to brunch IRL and enjoyed some time walking about the property on our return. Summer is abloom here and the whole place seemed abuzz with energy. Hm. Speaking of energy…you won’t want to miss what we have in store for you tonight at Ce Soir! The Castle will be rockin’ from 8 PM until…well, who knows?

Amplification Cover - FinalFirst up: DRAGONFLY. You know you’re in store for a great show when Joel‘s in the house! His music could be hard to describe, but it’s pretty well hard rock with a whole host of influences that have been filtered through Joel‘s life and lens. You’ll hear some folky tones, some cool jazz…and all the rest from his perspective. He’ll be playing some of those great songs from the AMPLIFICATION project with the band, and we can’t wait – even though we listen to those songs often via the CD or the Cloud. It’s an awesome album, and you can pick yours up tonight or jet over to iTunes to grab your copy. You won’t be sorry; there’s so much musical madness (read: GENIUS) on this, you’ll be very glad you bought it. We know we are, and we’ve been listening in the car (well, OK, it’s a LandRover, but you know what I mean!).

TwinGhost RonasAfter Joel gets some tunes shaken down, it’s TwinGhost Ronas up to bat. What a great pairing these two make! Both outstanding musicians with the chops to do whatever they want musically and artistically, they complement one another very well. TwinGhost is really something. His music is so fresh and original, and yet that echo of the sweet 70s is very clear. It’s magical, actually, and when he hits that mystical groove that is part of his genius, well, there’s nothing like it! Mireille just melts when he sings “Live Again.” And she ain’t alone! The ladies love it, there’s no denying, but it has a universal appeal with a deep theme and haunting instrumentation. TG is always smooth, always cool, and people are drawn to him and his music like a magnet. Hear him once, and you’ll be back for more. He’s working on a new album and we’re all excited about that! New songs seem to just materialize when he’s around, so we’re looking forward to seeing – and hearing – the results!

Once TwinGhost finishes his set, Joel plans to set up his DJ kit and give us a rousing couple of hours of more music! He’s one fantastic DJ, so we can’t wait to hear what he’s bringing out of the archives for us tonight. Whatever it is, you can bet it will be good! So come on over and chill with us!




Now, there ain’t NUTHIN’ wrong with THAT!

Your ride: Ce Soir Castle

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