Two fun things in one day…!

Aeon and I are doing pretty well in managing to post every day this month. We seem to be getting into a nice little groove, and we might just keep it up – although there might be (drumroll please!) another blog involved. Time will tell…!

For today, here’s a photo of Mireille at LEA11 – her Avatar Blogger Month treadmill at the gym set up there just for this purpose by the folks at Lots of fun, so if you wish to participate, it might not be too late! Check this out:

Mireille's BlogDesk at LEA11
Mireille’s BlogDesk at LEA11

AND THEN…there’s Ms. Strawberry Singh, up to goodness again at her fantabulous blog! Her MONDAY MEME/CHALLENGE is really something, this time…and I’m all over it! I want to make a TON of these film posters! I have loads and loads of ideas…something silly, something frilly, something SCARY, something WARY! I can’t wait to take some time this week to play with these ideas. Check back for more, but here’s #1: a remake-take on an old film that is very campy and amazing: SUNSET BOULEVARD. I LOVE Norma Desmond! muahahahaha!


A campy remake coming to a theatre near YOU – SOON! (Well, not really!)

PS: I just had a thought! I should credit those who made the things in this shot! (I’m learning!)

Hair: Exile – Little Talks in Midnight by Kavar Cleanslate

Skin: Birth – Abi in Vixen (honeytone) by Silent Alchemi

Eyes: Birth – Shiva Eyes in icy blue by Silent Alchemi

Dress: COCO – StraplessDress in carmine by cocoro Lemon

Shoes: Redgrave – Nikki 12 color by Emilia Redgrave

Ring: Trimmer Bay – Diamonds and Enamel Eternity Ring by Timmer Navarita (a gift for our anniversary)

Necklace/Earrings: Cae – Enchanted by caelan Hancroft

Location: Our home in Ce Soir (La Chateau Lutiniere by S. Zapedski and B. Yiyuan)

Pose: DieselWorks – Tulip6 by Rogan Diesel

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