It’s Voodoo ce soir!

Just a quick note tonight – the wonderful Samm Qendra has had to cancel her show this evening at 4 PM SLT. RL intrudes now and again for all of us, so we’re sure you’ll understand. She’s fine and will be back again with us in two weeks – same time, same channel! Don’t forget, she’ll be at other fine venues across the grid in the meantime, so we’re sure you can catch her somewhere – and we recommend that you do! Her sweet and powerful vocals fill any venue with beauty.

HOWEVER…there’s a great show lined up for 5 PM SLT with VOODOO SHILTON, one of the best guitarists around. He always brings a lot of energy and spirit to his shows and we always have a fantastic time, dancing and laughing along. A little gypsy jazz and a flamenco tune or two will lift you right up from wherever you are to a higher plane of existence – we guarantee it! Voodoo can make that nylon string guitar do amazing things and he is penning some outstanding originals these days, so come on over and get an earful of music from around the world – VOODOO STYLE!

See you here! inspired tonight!

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