The weekend beckons. Can you hear it?

Oh, it’s THURSDAY again, already, and are we ready for it this week, or what? It’s been busybusybusy in RL as well as right here at Ce Soir Arts, and we’ve been enjoying every minute of it! Now that JACK NICHOLS‘ beautiful photographic – and super cool comics – art is up at the Ce Soir Gallery, we’ve been having some new visitors – and that is something we always enjoy! Every comment has brought a smile and the donations to RFL of SL keep climbing. Jack (and his lovely Lisa – songstress Lisa Brune) are generous souls who so often make a way for others to support worthy causes, especially RFL of SL. We so appreciate that – as well as the many gifts of this talented couple. You must come see Jack‘s work if you have not yet! We so enjoy his photographs – and that comics art is something else again! Come read two stories in the pages he’s placed here. Psst…one is about Ce Soir! Yaya!

Exhibit Open Through June
Exhibiting through June

So, as your weekend plans start forming in your mind, why not take some time out for a little restful, but often toe-tapping music to get you going? I know just the ticket! It’s Russell Eponym, arriving at 2 PM SLT at the Ce Soir Castle, and you’re bound to have a great time! We always do, as Russell brings his array of instruments: 6- and 12-string guitars, harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoooo…all to relax and energize us in the most charming of ways. Russell is a prolific songwriter, and his original songs carry both lovely lyrics and beautiful melodies. Some are light and cheerful, whilst others take on more serious subjects – but again, in the most delightful of ways. He knows his way around a folk song – be it an historical one or a more contemporary tune. And his velvety voice is just perfect for love ballads. I can’t help but melt when he sings Sting‘s “Fields of Gold.” *sigh* (See, there I go…!) Come along at 2 PM SLT for a real musical treat. Add to that the very sweet Eponymous Family as they gather to enjoy, and you’ve got a very special hour indeed!

2 PM SLT - Ce Soir Castle TODAY
2 PM SLT – Ce Soir Castle

You’re likely to see us wandering the grid later today – or we’ll be off working on projects IRL. In the latter case, we’ll be checking in, as there are some big things afoot! See our next post for details about the MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD event this weekend benefiting RFL of SL! We’re working with four other venues and there are two teams involved. Of course, we’re with SL Music Races for a Cure, but – like all the teams – we collaborate beautifully. At Ce Soir Arts, we are hosting FIVE HOURS of LIVE MUSIC on Saturday this week – from 7 AM until Noon – and you will want to come enjoy!

But ce soir…we’ll return to ease into the weekend with our favourite CHILLMASTER, MOSHANG ZHAO! He is sooo cool and his music is even more so! It’s cutting-edge electronica with a deep historical past and a door into the future. Listening to MoShang is a unique experience that will surprise and delight you. Smooth and refreshing about covers it, but it’s so rich with layers of sound – many of which are gathered from the busy streets of his home in Taiwan and transformed into musical tones that fall elegantly over one another in his score. His acumen with technological advances in sound is second-to-none, and you must check out his website to hear some free cuts and explore his story and work. Go here to learn about his newest offering – Suncake Lounge Vol. 2 – Multiply Me. He and collaborator, guitarist Chris Bailey, have created more magic. Go now! And then come groove to MoShang as he delivers the CHILL – LIVE at Ce Soir, 8 PM SLT.

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

Have a fabulous day, everyone, and come to Ce Soir and be inspired, tonight!

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