Happy Birthday, Second Life!

It’s finally here! SL10B is open and there are 22 fantastically created sims just filled with memorabilia, current details, and future forward thinking. All of them are carefully crafted to keep lag at a minimum from the server-side of things, and many fine bloggers across the metaverse are providing great tips for how individual residents can maximize the power of their computer graphics by attention to Preference settings and the like. Go here (to the official SL10B website/blog) to review one of the best brief guides on lag avoidance I’ve seen. Written especially for this event by Harper Beresford, it pretty much outlines what I think of as the most sound of advice; take it seriously, act on it appropriately, and I bet your enjoyment of SL10B will go through the roof!

For additional information about the SL10B official sims and all that will be happening there, visit Honour McMillan’s great post at her fine blog and enjoy! Just take a gander at all awaiting us there; it’s pretty amazing-sounding including some of the more historical looks back such as The Cornfield. I’ve been there – and NOT because I was naughty! Cousin Silas and I looked it up because curiosity about killed us outright when we first heard of it back in the day; he and I have been to some pretty interesting places! Mireille Jenvieve cannot wait to go there again…and wonders if those giant spiders are still lurking. *shivers*

The 10th Birthday of Second Life is a milestone that we should all honour if not celebrate with raucous parties or all-night exploration-fests. Ten years of ANYTHING is a milestone, especially in the disposable culture. To realise that SL came to be in this global society and that it – despite what some of the doom-and-gloomers might say – continues to thrive in its perfect imperfection is nothing short of sheer digital miracle.

Aeon and I LOVE SL and will thoroughly enjoy SL10B! Look to our next post to let you in on what we are doing as part of a multi-sim collaboration with the SL10B By Us group. We are most honoured to be included and hope you will enjoy events at Ce Soir Arts as well as at the other fine venues and sims that are part of the group. Check out the blog by chloe Seljan for an outline of events including those benefiting Feed A Smile, the official charity of the group. Indeed, there’s an event at the Lavender Field at 2 PM SLT today – and Ce Soir fave DRAGONFLY will play! Perhaps we’ll see you there!


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