SL10B By Us…

As SL10B gets fully underway, we are very pleased to be part of the SL10B By Us group of Friends Sims. This gathering of 23 sims and venues offers a wide variety of events throughout the SL10B event season. You are sure to find many things that interest you among the slate of happenings, and we invite you to both visit us at Ce Soir Arts and to explore the many other adventures and entertainments that await you. For an overall accounting of these events and locations, visit the group’s listing online for SLurls to each. Do visit in-world as well to see what’s in store for you there at Potpourri Markets, the group’s home.

As for what’s happening at Ce Soir Arts…we have a “Looking Back, Looking Forward” thematic approach with the shared notion of REVOLUTION as a means of growth and progress. Of course, we’re focusing on the French Revolution at Ce Soir Arts – and on the romantic period that was inspired by such an overwhelming event in world history. HOPE is our byword, springing from the expanse of the human spirit, and we celebrate that year-round as well as at special times such as SL10B. Many fun and educational events are planned including some at Ce Soir Arts that will get your attention and enhance your experience of Second Life’s Tenth Birthday.

Tomorrow, we’ll have poetry and music at Ce Soir that will spark your imagination and open you to a world of inspiration. Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym will share rich poetry and prose at The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Noon SLT; mistress of industrial folk noir – JordanReyne Deezul will sing and play her stunning revolutionary music at 2 PM SLT; and the very romantic and mystical Quantamis Navarathna will serenade us at 6 PM SLT at Ce Soir Castle. Come join us – in period attire if you wish – and enjoy the beauty and inspiration! More information will be posted tomorrow…

Oh…one other thing that’s afoot on all the Friends Sims is a HUNT! Don’t miss out on this fun way to get out and explore some of the most interesting and beautiful areas in SL. Need a hint? Check the hint list and get going!


2 thoughts on “SL10B By Us…

  1. oh wow, you have a space at SL10b! so awesome! Drop an LM on me in-world if you have a chance.

    Or maybe we should have a big basket of LM”s to ABC Gym members at SL10b… or maybe we should have a big basket of LM’s to ABC Gym members @SL10b or anywhere else on the grid… yeah… let’s do that!


  2. Hi, Vanessa! Our SL10B is actually right here at Ce Soir! We would love to be at the actual sims for this, but since we did not act in time – and were fortunate and honoured to be asked to participate with the Friends Sims, we went for it! Our events are on 18 and 25 June, and we are looking forward to each one – PLUS we have the hunt at Ce Soir Arts as well!
    So much fun and such an important milestone for all of us in SL!
    Merci, Vanessa!

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