We have been wanting to invite BARRY (AVANT) over to play at Ce Soir for some time now, but with the changes we’ve been making in the general focus and schedule, an opportunity had not come. All that changed last night, and he came over to debut at Ce Soir Castle. He brought along some new original music and a recent penchant for Steely Dan songs, and he had us dancing and smiling and having a great time from the first note. The Steely Dan was excellent, but those original numbers were outstanding, and we can’t wait to have him back – and soon! If you’ve not heard this technically savvy professional musician, where have you been?

AVANTAs he notes in his bio, AVANT‘s sets indeed can take a lot of twists and turns, from contemporary jazz to blues to classic rock to R&B to acoustic pop and all points in between. He started out in a sweet acoustic mode, but switched effortlessly to rockin’ the rafters. He works from his home studio, a state-of-the-art setup, and his history of both performance and production are clear in his shows. He can create full studio arrangements that he performs completely on his own, with any combination of guitar, bass, keys and percussion, and that makes for a rich and full sound indeed. On the other hand, his solo voice and acoustic guitar or piano is outstanding as well, as AVANT brings pro audio engineering skills, musicianship and his quirky personality to every performance. Look for him to return soon – and plan to join us for the fun!

Tukso OkeyUp next, in his usual every-other-Wednesday night time slot, was music legend TUKSO OKEY. We always look forward to this hour – something we call the TUKSO OKEY EXPERIENCE. Sensual and deep, this sound from an experienced and multifaceted musician is created in the moment. Every song is new, every time. Talk about surprises! That’s the name of the game with Tukso. The rhythms are hypnotic, the lyrics completely spellbinding, and the genesis of the music feels like the most natural thing in the world – because it is! Tukso gets in a groove and he’s off and running. The beauty of it all is that we get to go with him. Swept up in the beat, lifted aloft on the melodies, and fascinated by the lyrics, audiences across the grid crowd the venues – including Ce Soir – when Tukso plays. This music seeps in through your ears and wends its way into your soul. Each time he plays Ce Soir, we are taken by his musical versatility. He arrives, moves to the stage and literally takes over; it’s a peaceful revolution. He’s not chatty, but the connection forged with those present is undeniable – much like his music. You can hear him again at Ce Soir in two weeks’ time, but catch him elsewhere  in the meantime – because you MUST experience TUKSO!

Yes, it was a night to remember at Ce Soir!

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