Sweet Thursday…

Yesterday was a sweet day at Ce Soir Arts. We’ve been doing a little traveling IRL – again – and we managed to arrive back at HOME SWEET HOME by noon, but not before sharing lunch with friends in town. We have a favourite little restaurant, and they just reopened after a renovation. They did a fantastic job, and the place is even more charming and restful – plus the menu has been updated. Wow! We lingered over tea after a lovely fresh lunch (locally-grown vegetables and fruits, homemade breads, and rich dairy butter and cream), enjoying a nice conversation. Soon, it was time to go; the ride home from town is short but very scenic, and we enjoyed every moment of the green hills and blooming poppies against a gorgeous blue sky.

Arriving at the house, we logged into SL as we had two great shows coming up: RUSSELL EPONYM with folk, blues and beyond at 2 PM SLT and the lovely LISA BRUNE at 3 PM. We always look forward to Thursdays with Russell, and having Lisa in was a happy bonus today. Of course, there’s always MOSHANG to look forward to at 8 PM, so we settled in to enjoying every moment as usual.

Russell Eponym 3Russell was charming, as always, bringing that beautiful intricate fingerstyle guitar and velvety voice to every song. Today, he offered us a fine mix of covers from the likes of Bob Dylan and Christy Moore and his own outstanding original compositions tp enjoy.  We danced and chatted up a storm with members of The Eponymous Family and some new folks who had dropped in to hear Russell for the first time. We are always happy to welcome new folks – be they new to SL or just new to Ce Soir – and they invariably become Russell fans. Who would not? He’s truly a fantastic musician whose delivery is flawless. Besides, he’s loads of fun! It was a great hour indeed and we’re already looking forward to next week!

Lisa came in to enjoy part of Russell‘s show with us, and her lovely loulous followed. As more familiar faces dropped in, the energy grew and grew, and everyone had a great time as Russell put a fine wrap on his hour with the first song Aeon and I heard him sing in 2009 – his very own composition, Just Another Day. It’s a tribute to SL, and as he sang their names, everyone was simply delighted. When Lisa took the stage she noted the esteem in which we all hold Russell. It was a fine transition between the shows of two of SL’s most talented musicians.

Lisa BruneThe hour with Lisa sped by, and everyone had a grand time as she sang her heart out on stage. Her whispery vocals and infectious giggle had us all enraptured, and she treated us to some very special music. A bit of Pink Floyd found its way into her set today, and we always love that – plus she sang the beautiful ballad Reviens, Mon Amour with such emotion that we were all on the verge of tears. This is an aspect of Lisa‘s music that we all love – her ability to evoke our feelings on such a deep level is a joy. When she ended the concert with her original, Silence, it was  perfection. Those lyrics, that melody…wonderful! Lisa will be back at Ce Soir on Friday, 28 June at 1 PM. Don’t miss it!

Exhibit Open for June
Exhibit Open for June

And then, of course, we reminded everyone that her beloved Jack Nichols‘ photographic and comics art exhibit is open at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery through the month of June. We so enjoy having his work at the Gallery. Not only are people flocking to see it, but many are doing as he has so generously asked and donating to the Relay for Life kiosk there at the Gallery entrance. Jack‘s outstanding photographic and comics art is getting lots of attention from visitors. Many have commented to us at their delightful surprise at discovering his talents and many remark at how well the photographs capture the spirit of their subjects and at how inventive are the comics, which are complete with storylines. Several have noted that they’d love to see more, and so we send them along to Jack‘s own studio. Do visit and learn more by grabbing one of his information cards by clicking the exhibit sign at the Gallery entrance. Bravo, Jack!

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

After a little break, we came back in-world to enjoy the enchanting CHILL of music from The Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao. Streaming live from his sound studio in Taiwan, MoShang brings us the very best in downbeat electronica. We look forward to enjoying this chilled-out groove every week, and are often joined by a very cool, eclectic crowd. Always a beautiful experience, filled with restful, energising music and fun times, we look forward to Thursday nights all week. MoShang is genius, and he never disappoints, delivering the CHILL in style every time. He feels the crowd so well and peppers his shows with just the right amount of informative, charming banter. It’s an experience not to be missed, so if you’ve not enjoyed this ultra-cool sound, come round next Thursday night at 8 PM – or catch MoShang at another venue in the meantime. You will be ever so glad you did. I call his gig the elegant slide into the night…and it’s always simply wonderful. His newest music (Suncake Lounge Vol. 2 – Multiply Me) is available for download at various sites, but do visit his own site for a sneak peek as well as other downloads you’ll enjoy.

As every week, Sweet Thursday is now a sweet memory – a very sweet one indeed! Ahhhhh!

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