OK, so we blew the 30 in 30. My fault. Any questions?

LOL! What a weekend! We didn’t have time to do much in-world (or post to the blog, obviously), although we both came round to enjoy the always outstanding music of both LISA BRUNE and JORDANREYNE DEEZUL who played at Ce Soir Castle on Friday last, back-to-back. Wow. What can I say? These two lovely ladies bring so much talent to their music that it’s incredible – and no amount of hyperbole could do it justice. They. Are. That. Good. If you have not yet heard either one of them, do yourself a HUGE favor and get yourself going to a show – ASAP. You’ll not regret it, guaranteed…


LISA is the epitome of sweetness and her music ranges from lovely love songs to some rather spicy numbers to get your heart racing. All of her music is wonderfully danceable and the banter she infuses her setlist with is charming to say the least. Her fans – les louslous – follow her everywhere, and they are a delightful crowd. There’s always something fun going on amongst them and their chatter is often hilarious! Not only that, they truly adore LISA – and why not? She’s something special indeed. That whispery French accent is magnetic and that laugh infectious. Add that glorious singing voice and you’ve got non-stop entertainment of the highest order. When she sings, it’s as if the heavens have opened up and let one angel drop down and delight us with song! We did have a grand time, and we look forward to more from LISA soon…

JORDANREYNE was up next, and she flew in to enjoy part of LISA‘s set – something they both often do when they’re performing on the same ticket. Her fans – many of whom were already present – came flying in to catch her set at the Castle. We think Ce Soir is a perfect spot for JORDANREYNE, and when she starts playing, we’re off and running from the first note. Mistress of industrial folk noir, JORDANREYNE has a stunning sound that will take you by surprise. She mixes mechanical sounds and steam into her scores and they are fabulous. Dark topics such as unrequited or missing love, the oppression of the advancing world and the threatened loss of individuality, or the more menacing side of relationships fill her songlist. Most of these are originals and they are beautiful and striking. Her new album The Annihilation Sequence is out (due to ship 28 June), and you can get your copy at Bandcamp or through her own website. Check it out, people…

That was it for Friday, and we headed out for some weekend R&R. Plus, there was work to do at home, so we dove into that too. It was a happy Saturday, as we got one of our post-storm-season projects completed. There is hope! Sunday was good too, as we just hung around the house and rested – and wrote and enjoyed the summer day. We knew we had to rest up, because we had a BIG SHOW coming up Sunday night. Mireille came in to attend what was lovely and very informative talk at SL10B by the wonderful artist Bryn Oh. M came away from that with a big smile – AND a new piece of Bryn‘s work (although, it really is one of her very first pieces made in SL). It’s a very cool steampunk clock and we both love it. Check Bryn out at her very cool blog.


Fast-forward to nighttime. Our usual every-other-Sunday night gig with DRAGONFLY got off to a rousing start as Joel gave us a sweet and mellow warm-up. It wasn’t long, though, before he was ROCKIN’ our socks off. Man, can this guy – and his band – knock it out of the park. Inventive themes; screamin’ (or otherwise rich) vocals; and some fine keyboard, guitar, and percussion work make for a great hour of original tunes. They’re the kind of songs you can’t get outta your head once you’ve heard them (Aeon Woodford hums…”I am now in love…I am now in loooove”), and you always want to come back for more. MORE is the name of the game for DRAGONFLY, as leadman Joel Eilde had plans to give us much more in a 2-hour DJ set later in the night. Spot on!

Up next, the inimitable one-of-a-kind TWINGHOST RONAS dropped in. Digging Joel on stage was just the beginning for TWIN, as when it was his turn, he got up on stage and let ‘er rip. He was in a mellow mood – something we all enjoy – and he gave us a full set of both originals and cover tunes that had us all groovin’ right along with him. To say it was awesome would be a terrible understatement, for when TWINGHOST gets in that groove…well, it’s pretty much magical. Echoes of the 70s mix in with his very own unique sound in ways that make his shows absolutely stellar. Pop brilliance is a great term for it, and we got it in spades that night! Come dig him at Ce Soir Castle – or wherever you find him on the grid. You just gotta…

Following TWINGHOST (how can you follow TWINGHOST??), Joel brought out the DJ setup and went to work on some of the most outrageously cool music from now and a little back in time. He hit us with cool stuff like STAYIN’ ALIVE by the BeeGees, SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE by Muse, and SEXYBACK by Justin Timberlake – and a LOT of stuff in-between. It was so much fun keeping up with the chatter – although well-nigh impossible. LOL! These people know how to PAR-TAY! And that’s just what we did for two full hours. Mireille got us dancing on the HUDDLES, and we got in some good practice for the next Olympics. Oh, you didn’t hear? SYNCHRONIZED DANCING is now an Olympic sport. Mhmm.

ANYWAY…it was a fantastic weekend and Sunday night, and now – 12 hours later – I’m still ready for a nap. But it was worth it, let me tell you. Come see it all unfold again in two weeks’ time. And do catch these musicians as they make the rounds at other venues. They’re so good. You just do not want to wait!

Hey! We posted twice in one day! Does that catch us up? Close? Sorta???

Make it a great week, people. See ya!

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