Activities at Ce Soir as SL10B closes…

Our celebration of SL10B with partners – the wonderful Friends Sims – has come to a close. We were honoured to be a part of this fine grouping of sims and venues, and we enjoyed many of the celebrations held around the grid. Fabulous musical shows, informational programmes, and fun games abounded. A huge thank you goes to chloe Seljan for her tireless work at Potpourri Markets and elsewhere throughout the celebration. She and Tay Tay came in today to enjoy Russell Eponym‘s fine readings, and it was great to see them both.

Indeed, the hour was a lovely one, with Russell reading his usual eclectic mix of wonderful poetry and prose. He opened today with a little Mozart – a lovely and restful way for us to settle in for the reading. Of course, Russell always offers us a Thought for the Day, and today’s was a loving reminder to keep hope going strong. How perfect for the close of SL10B! As we have taken a look back. reminiscing and chuckling at the foibles and marveling at the wonders that have passed, Russell reminded us to look ahead with energy and hope. What new marvels await us? What beauty can we create as time marches on? Change is inevitable. Let us embrace it – and make it happen!

Russell reads to a rapt audience.
Russell reads to a rapt audience.

At 2 PM SLT, Aeon and I struck out to read too – a collection of writings from the French and then the American Revolutions. What strong, lovely poetry came to us from those years of tumult and change! The era of Romance that came through that time was – and remains – one of the richest in recorded history. Authors read included Coleridge, Blake, Wordswoth, Freneau, Wheatley, Longfellow, Emerson, Dickinson, and Whitman. What a collection of brilliance and historical importance! This Off-the-Shelf production was held at the Ce Soir Amphitheatre – not far from The Magic Tree Reading Spot where Russell (Poet Laureate at Ce Soir Arts) loves to read. We enjoyed the reading and hope that those who gathered did as well.

Aeon et Mireille - ready to Read Revolution!
Ready to Read Revolution!

The wonderful and romantic musician, Quantamis Navarathna, was to join us again this evening. Alas, he was unable to be online, and so had to cancel his performance. We were disappointed, but understand – as we all do – that RL (and Internet connectivity!) must come first. Thank you, Quantamis – your show last week was simply beautiful (as always!) and we enjoyed it immensely. We will hear your lovely music at Ce Soir again soon, Quantamis!

And so, SL10B is done. Thank you all for enjoying part of it with us at Ce Soir Arts! Let us take what we have learned from looking back at our experiences here in this virtual space – and move forward with confidence…and with hope!

Be well and happy! Come…be inspired tonight!

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